A WPI in New Jersey? Support NEI Center

View attachment 575 Marly Silverman and others at PANDORA and the Landford Foundation have big plans. She wants nothing less than to build the first NeuroEndocrineImmune Center for the research, treatment and education into diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Gulf War Syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity and others in New Jersey. (Think the WPI's Neuro-Immune Institute with the 'Endocrine' added. - think a WPI on the east coast)

NEID is taking a multi-disease approach because it believes that "the discoveries and advances made in anyone of the NEID's, will be applicable at beneficial to the other NEID's, thereby bringing researchers closer to a cure"

Pandora and the Landford Foundation have done their groundwork in New Jersey; they received backing from several New Jersey Assemblyman and the resolution authorizing the center got a unanimous yes vote from the New Jersey Assembly. New Jersey is behind it - now the job is to get funding for the project and that's we come in. PANDORA is trying to get the Dept of Health and Human Service behind the project and desires a meeting with Secretary of Health Sibelius. They're trying to get 100.000 signatures to demonstrate that they have the community behind them.

Let's start a trend - two Neuro-immune- (Endocrine) Centers. Marly is nothing if not a big thinker. She's talked to Annette Whittemore about creating these entities and she thinks she has a model that can work in other states as well, and, if this works to other states she will go.

Let's create another foothold in the medical community - this time on the East Coast.

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DONE!! Thank you Cort for posting this. I am not too far from Jersey, so this is really wonderful. I hope other people will sign this too. I also passed it on to my friends! : )
Excellent. Marly has such a great vision - she has big dreams. If we can help her along - give her the resources she needs - I think she can get stuff like this done.
We need BIG thinking. I love it. I'm in and I'll bring some friends along!

Great the more the better. Marly mentioned that Annette Whittemore had been a great help in advising her how to get this off the ground. I think of it almost as a group effort - imagine that, two complementary centers one on each side of the country....then we fill in the blanks. :)
Cort, Thank you for this wonderful post of support for the NEI Center. There is so much to do to get this off the ground. The petition will complement our efforts. We need as many signatures we can gather in support for this center. We are expanding a program titled Advocates Extraordinaire(TM). If you remember you participated when you came to the 2007 IACFS Conference that P.A.N.D.O.R.A. hosted and sponsored in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are asking for individuals who want to participate as Advocate Extraordinaire to visit this page and if interested to contact us.

We now also have a PANDORA/ADVOCATES EXTRAORDINAIREtwibbon supporting the NEI CENTER project that anyone can use on twitter and/or facebook. If anyone here lives in the state of New Jersey write your senator a letter showing your support for the NEI Center resolution. They appreciate this kind of feedback.

Thank you all so much!
Marly Silverman
This is great, Cort, and non-US people have every reason to support it if our signature can help. I see that the petition has some overseas signatories but do we count? Would you like us to sign this or are they going to filter out non-US people?
I asked Marly and yes, they'd love to have everyones signature on there. It will show international interest in the Institute.
Signed and Done! This is an INCREDIBLE time in our journey with this illness. Marly has gone from 0-60 pretty darned fast. The more research centers, the better.........the more collaboration....the more united and funding......the more funding....the more PROGRESS....
It is rather exciting is it not? I could see Dr. Batemans FFC/OFFER group turning into a Neuroimmune Institute with more backing too. She appears to have the contacts all set up (but no money!). Still the promise is there.
I wish Marly Silverman and her group all the best. What a tremendous opportunity to bring help and awareness to those with neuro and immune diseases. Thanks for making us aware, Cort.

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