A Time for Action! The CFSAC Action Begins!

(The CFSAC meetings are the only time during the year when ME/CFS advocates sit down and prod federal officials to do the right thing. We all know the statistics - we know the federal government has basically been pretending we don't exist for decades. The action Bob, Rivka and Charlotte created initiates a new brand of advocacy effort that tells them that we're not going to sit still for more of the same.)

From Bob, Rivka and Charlotte

On the heels of the September 7, 2010, historic NIH meeting with ME/CFS patients and their families, now is the time to let our federal health agencies know we are expecting big changes. The more they hear from us now, the more they'll listen to us next time we meet. Our "Time for Action" campaign is advocacy made easy -- yet it will have a huge impact. We ask patients, their families and friends to email, call and/or fax NIH Director Collins and NIAID Director Fauci with this simple question every day.

(Please click "Add Cc" in your email and put Bob Millers email address -
hebs1reel@yahoo.com- in the Cc: box of your email - so he can keep track of how many emails are sent. )

Dear Directors Collins and Fauci,

What have you done for ME/CFS today? Patients and their families are waiting.

Name: John Doe (or John)
Location: Miami, FL
Time: Sick 12 years

Contact info:

1) National Institutes of Health
Director Francis Collins

Cc to:
Phone: 301-496-2433
Fax: 301-402-2700

2) National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease
Director Anthony Fauci

Cc to:
Fax: 301-402-3573

For more Inspiration Check Out Our "How To" video:


Cort, please remove the K, it's infantile. And belittles the campaign. This is a call to Action, not Aktion. Please do this correction to the indexes too.

For accurate information about this campaign, check out the thread Time for Action in Advocacy.
Nice working with you Jace.

I changed the other one and forgot to change this one....a PM would have worked nicely.

Here's my latest......

Are you comfortable knowing that you spend $3 a year on a disease that causes 25% disability rates. Don't you feel you have a responsibility for all ill Americans? Not just those you'd like to research?

What have you done for ME/CFS today? I million ignored patients and their families are waiting.
Here's from the day before

What have you done for ME/CFS Lately?

A million sick and underserved people in the US with no hope for treatment and no help from the government want to KNOW!

Aren't you tired of being the bad guys?
We're not asking for much...a thimble full of funding from the NIH - a rounding error for AIDS funding......

What have you done for ME/CFS Today?

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