A small win for disability advocacy

Some time ago I made a series of complaints about failed postal service to my address. Most of these were rejected, but now I received a reply from a Senator.

Essentially due to incapacity to travel, when mail was not delivered even though I was home waiting for it I had to take a series of taxis to pick it up from the post office. Thus the cost could be as high as $40 in addition to postage for even a small package.

Now I am informed that delivery will be attempted for all small and signature-required articles and letters. I also have a number to call to deal with any issues.

This is a win for disability advocacy. I got this though complaining to the appropriate people in the federal government department.

If you are in the same situation, or something similar, it pays to lodge a complaint with the relevant authorities, including your local government representatives.

Bye, Alex


I'm so happy to hear this. Not that you had the problem but that you were able to fight and get it resolved.

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