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Before I got sick with CFS I was a salesman in the Water Works industry. I used to sell what is called a Radio Read water metering system that was used all over New England. The device had a twenty year battery that was attached to the outside of the House. It was wired to the water meter inside and would read the meter once an hour and transmit the reading over 900 frequencies every 6-8 seconds. The meter reader had a hand held device and would either just walk by the house or drive by with an antanae on the truck.

It was very accurate and saved a lot of money. Short story long...these devices are pretty benign but I used to travel around in my car with about between ten to twenty devices transmitting. I came down with acute chronic pain in my neck which forced me to have a cervical disectomy due to DDD and stensois.

After the surgery my Neck pain got worse and my undiagnosed CFS was launched into orbit. That was in 2005, in 2008 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and tested positive for XMRV in 2010. After that I tested positive for HHV-6, post EBV, and all (and I mean all) of the secondary virus that compliment CFS or FMS or CFIDS.

Did this cause my CFS? No. I do think it harmed my already deteriotaing health. Yes! I used to joke about it but then I read up on EMF. Your dasboard on your car alone emits high EMF readings. I used to drive 1,000 miles a week with all these radio read devices going off in my car. I know it was one of many factors that contributed to CFS along with stress...stress and more stress.

Great posting. Thanks.

P.S. I tested postive for over 8 viral infections after I tested positive for XMRV. I am not sure what to make of all the XMRV bashing that is going on. As to my personal experience, XMRV is the real thing. XMRV is what prompted me to finally find a CFS Doctor in Western Massachussetts. After seeing my tests results, he started me on Valcyte and tested me for all the viral infections and HPA dysfunction. XMRV is real. I wish that they would work as hard to find the right bio marker for this deadly illness rather than try so hard to disprove it without using the exact protocol. Only with CFS would this happen. Thank you for your posting Nico!
Here is video of a shrub dying around a Wifi Smart Meter (being deployed as we speak world-wide):
disturbing and sad indeed.
The intriguiing thing about the geek.com article is that it never occurs to the author that the radiation might be affecting humans too. Something affects my nervous system and quality of sleep when I'm in places where there's lots of electricity/mobile phones/wireless networks, whether it's that or something else I haven't yet been able to pin down, but I do seem to feel thoracic and heartbeat disturbance when sitting within three metres of a wireless router (tested by disabling the wireless and having the disturbance disappear) and have learned not to carry an active mobile phone in a chest pocket. Bio-energetic testing (Physiospect) has returned moderate EMF sensitivity, but it's obviously selective with respect to the frequencies since I can sit at a computer for hours and not notice any effect while half my ME/CFS/FMS friends can't.

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