a psalm from a friend of mine

how helpful it is to read what we...pwcs...write about how we cope with this illness. but there seems to be an extra measure of encouragement when a friend without me/cfs seeks to understand. i pray this psalm, written by my friend after reading my last blog entry, will bless and encourage you as much as it has (and will) me.

(A little psalm for you)

As I lay still my body turns to clay.
My heart is slowly beating every day.
My vision, hazy, makes me close my eyes.
With foggy headache causing pain and sighs.

OH shoulders, rest and stop to sieze,
OH thoughts, be captive to Him please.
What is this throbbing feverish ache?
What's happening? What should I take
To heal this flesh and bone of mine?
This body made with God's design
Was predetermined to sustain
A vessel for His glory's gain.
So if He's sovereign over all
The plants and beasts both large and small,
Then I will trust His plan of love
To use me still with Spirit's dove.
Though I would not have picked this path,
It's made for me, and I must laugh!
How can God use me when I'm down?
How can I smile instead of frown
When thinking of my life before
When I sailed free and washed ashore?...
To pray for saints and read His word,
Lie down and worship, make His voice heard.

The eye of Jesus, it beholds me.
The heart of Jesus dearly loves me.
The arms of Jesus hold me closely.
The mind of Jesus knows me wholly.
The clothes of Jesus radiantly clothe me.
The face of Jesus: smiling glory.

resting even better...thanks to my friend, lilly


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