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Hello Phoenix Rising community!

I'd like to first say wholehearted thank you to the community
. I've dabbled on and off for about 6 months and am always amazed by the knowledge and support of its members. Awesome.

I've been working on a blog now for about 6 months, and I'd love to get some feedback. The blog is centered around alternative approaches to CFS. I've made leaps and bounds toward a full recovery using the information on the blog, and I'm excited to share this with a larger audience. I'd be grateful to gain feedback regarding content, tone and quality. Of course, I'd also love to hear about the success stories of others.

I'm occasionally asked what separates my blog from the many others. I'd like to think that its tone is focused around strength and healthy living, rather than focusing on specific symptoms and problems (which is all too easy in the throws of CFS). I subscribe to the belief that by taming the mind we can ultimately have dominion over our physiology. I hope that by removing some of the focus from the illness and placing it more on growth and development, that we can see real, quantifiable change in our bodies and minds.

The link to the blog is:


I realize that the approach I've taken wont suit everyones taste, but I feel that I'm ready to begin spreading the word and assist other like-minded folks on their paths.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,


Why not apply your thinking about 'held beliefs' and 'postitive thinking' to cancer, diabetes, MS, and all other illnesses. ME has absolutely nothing to do with ''positivity' and how we think. I am usually a very positive person except when I come across blogs that essentially blame the ME patient for being ill due to their negative thinking and bad lifestyle. I would avoid this blog.
Hi Kina, I'm sorry to hear you did not like my message. Like I said - it won't be for everyone. However, let me propose a slightly different interpretation (as someone who has also gone through ME):

I certainly do not blame ME on negative thinking and lifestyle. However, finding myself in a scenario with ME, these tools became very useful for me. I also discovered that while I may be positive in my conscious mind, I had some non-constructive patterns in my subconscious. By cultivating this level of mind I was able to see a lot of improvement. For me, this was an empowering discovery, as it helped me gain more control over my condition. Again, this is just me, and my blog is only intended as a resource to try to help others in a similar predicament.

When it comes to other illnesses, I know communities of people who have overcome them using similar techniques - as surprising as it may seem.

Best of luck on your journey.

In my first years of ME, I used many mind-body techniques, as I had already for years before. And Teitelbaum's protocol to get my energy back. This approach was not only useless, but in some instances harmful. Harnessing mind to overcome the misery, yes. To cure the illness, hardly.
Many of us have found spiritual or psychological practices that help us to cope. But it's the actions we've taken with regard to the many supplemental and medical protocols discussed here that have nudged us toward physiological healing.
When you write a blog that people with ME could potentially get better by thinking more positively and changing their lifestyle that is suggesting what the person is thinking and doing is causing the prolongation of their illness by not doing these things. That is putting the person at blame. A change in lifestyle might improve general health status and thinking more positively might help their outlook on life and with coping but it doesn't initiate any kind of cure. Go to a site for AIDS patients and do the same thing. It's just downright insulting. Do you think members here don't know that lifestyle changes might help with general health or that positive outlook might help one cope. We are a very smart group here and we look at anything we can do to help. Freudian concepts such as the subconscious have been thoroughly debunked. We need answers that are not coming from the hundreds of blogs like yours.
Most people here have been sick for a long time and tried just about everything. I appreciate your enthusiasm and maybe you can bring some of that here with you. I believe there is a psychological aspect to the disease. Especially for those of us that our CFS may have started with a "stress trigger". You mention: "I know countless people who have healed themselves using 'off the beaten track' approaches" and "I know communities of people who have overcome them using similar techniques". I would very much like to visit these if you could provide some links.
your blog has absolutely nothing to do with my illness. I have M.E as a result of years of untreated neurological Lyme disease and co infections. I also now have Mast cell activation disease as a further consequence of this. Your blog may be for ambitious overacheivers (if such a thing exists) who are suffering from burnout. I was actually a very spiritual person BEFORE I became ill and had spent many years working on all the things you suggest. I was a Reiki master Teacher and healer, counsellor and health food advocate. I worked outside with nature as a gardener and practised, yoga, pranic breathing, meditation. I swam most days and cycled a little. I practised affirmations and positive thinking. They didn't stop me from becoming ill, and not doing thme didn't destroy my immune system. M.E is a complex neuroimmune disease and you do not have the answer.

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