A much better day

So today I feel better. I have a day like when I have a cold and CFS goes into remission, weird after the crash. I still have a cold but very mild.

I had neck pain but with the lotion (topical aspirin) was ok and manageable (ahh and 2 advils). I got POtsy (dizzy and was soooo close to pass out) at one point but CFS was very under control. Head buzz is there (but not much burning).

I just want stability, It looks like I am a case of remitting relapsing constantly. I don't understand how I can be a 30% for a whole week to a 70% overnight!!!


Is work going okay?? How did you get through the week you have described?? That is so hard! Glad it is better, and may it stay that way.
Yes work was hard!!! and don't ask me how I did it, mostly I worked from home laying on a couch. I can do a lot while laying down.

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