A fresh start (7)

Hey there everyone,
I wanted to write a small update.
It has been a while again, and lots has happened in life.
When it comes to the 'medical issues section', not much has happened. Because of the busy month that is December, everything was on hold a bit. And because one of the sons of my partner became really ill (ruptured appendicitis with some challenging and scary complications), we where all focused on other things.
He is doing well now, his health is slowly returning and its a big (huge) relief.

My own health is still the same as before.
A neuro-psychological series of tests has been done in the hospital, because the neurologist suggested them. I found them challenging and confronting. I clearly noticed how my memory is not as it was, and how some other skills I used to have, are not automatic anymore. Like calculation for example.
To my shock I could barely do it anymore. My mind could not complete the tasks, no matter how hard I tried. It has made me realize how much backwards I have gone. And it has helped me understand,.. why I have so much trouble with simple tasks.

A 24 hour blood pressure test has been done too (ABPM).
When the doctor mentioned that he wanted this to be done I felt it was a great idea. I was happy, because he would be able to see what I see every day. I felt it would make things clear.
The test has been done some days ago,.. but it went different then I thought it would.
In the hospital, they placed the cuff on my left arm right away. They did not check if it worked right or anything, they just placed it on the first arm they found and that was it.
I did not think much of it, I thought it would be fine.
When I got home though...
It turned out that, the device of the hospital gave completely and utterly different numbers then my own two blood pressure devices. When my own devices said 99/82 for example, the device of the hospital gave 122/73.
I checked numerous times, and again and again the hospital device measured more then 20 systolic points too high, and diastolic was often lower.
I used two blood pressure machines (my own) to know for sure that my own where doing ok. The hospital device was not right, it did not work properly.
As soon as I knew that, I stressed out. It is a great deal.. its important. How on earth can the doctor see what is wrong, when he does not get the correct results?
And... is he going to believe me when I tell him?

When I went back to the hospital to give back the blood pressure monitor, I told them about the different results. The reply was that I probably mixed up systolic, diastolic and heart rate, and that it would be fine.
I am absolutely sure I did not mix those up. I have checked so often.. with two other devices..one of them an Omron M6 comfort IT. Its a good machine.
I hoped they would check the machine, but they did not.
They also said that a blood pressure of 99/82 was fine, nothing wrong with it..
But its not fine, I feel horrible when I have such a blood pressure.

I am pretty sure now the doctor will not see what is wrong. He will get normal to high blood pressure results, while in reality they are low and narrow (narrow pulse pressure).

Its messed up. People at the hospital should check their devices and materials before they use it. Nothing was checked.
On the device itself there was a sticker that said it was calibrated in 2011, to me that seems a long time ago. Is it? Could that be the issue?

I am so tired of people not listening when I tell them something. The doctor is the only one that listens, but I cannot just call him or take his time. He is a busy man, a professor. I cannot send an email or call, for such a stupid issue.

I don't know what to do.
I will wait until our next appointment.. and hope he will believe me.


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