A brave woman needs our support

Quick request ME/CFS friends….

Sharing in support of this brave woman that she hopefully gets the help she needs and deserves. How horrifying in 2023 you have to beg for your life publicly in hopes the hospital makes the right choice when you acquire certain illnesses that are blacklisted.

10,000 signatures are needed to get attention of press here. Really, in a sane world, this woman would have 10,000 signatures in 10 minutes but we live in an insane world which does not mean we give up. It means we give. Because we are all in this together.

Greatly appreciated to all who sign to hopefully attract the press and put heat on the hospital executives.



Almost at 6k guys.
Share with those you know if you can.
According to countrygirl here, multiple people have received assistance from hospitals once press takes notice. So, there is hope.

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