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I rent an old farm house way out in the country. My city friends might think I'm brave. My country friends might think I'm smart. I think it was what I needed.

I worked in the city for several years not sure what my symptoms were from. Some things I tried helped. Most did not. It would seem I was shooting at a moving target. The symptoms increased to a great severity and then my body 'crashed'. It was May, 2007. Enter... The Twilight Zone.

I am very thankful the 'episodes' of great distress ended. As did the struggle to function. But what is left doesn't look like I expected. It is like I went to a backup power source... a watch battery.

It is VERY dark in the country. I am able to go to bed when its getting dark and sleep until the sun comes up. No noisy neighbors either. There were times with the echoing between the buildings that it sounded like he was starting his Gold Wing in my bedroom... seriously. Yep, loving the quiet and the dark. I should mention that if I should be getting home after dark, I don't doddle outside. It is DARK!

I have met new friends who have NO expectations of our friendship. Yet they are friendly, kind and accepting of my limitations. And respectful. And then others don't have a clue... but those we will always have. If I learn anything, please let me never be one of those...

Well, I'm getting sleepy. I think I took my thyroid med too late in the day. I won't do that again. Lol until the next time I forget what happens. Take care and be kind to yourselves.


sounds great. glad you are able to live in the country, and can get around.
Hi! We too, have chosen to live in the country, and MOST fortunately, I'm here to be caregiver and errand runner. The quiet is blessed indeed and the biggest appeal.

It's funny, but where we are is a couple hours drive from the larger cities with big hospitals - a big drawback if one has to drive for treatment. But since there are so few Dr's in the world willing to give real help for ME/CFS patients, it does not matter.

We too, have found our country neighbours to be supportive and kind for the most part. They don't pry but they understand and help us out when needed, with no big fanfare. I think maybe country folk are more used to being self reliant and keeping their extended families close at hand. And though ME/CFS is particularly nasty, I'm guessing many families here have experience caring for aging/ill extended family in a way not needed in the cities. Thus the quiet understanding.

Hope you enjoyed your sleep last night. Sleep is also a very blessed thing.

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