50 (Sharing my bithday with those who just "get-it.")

No flight overseas, no catching a plane,
No new adventure on unknown terrain.
No weekend in Venice my daughter and me
No pavement cafes and steaming hot tea.

No trip to the coast, footprints in the sand,
No spray on my face from waves blown inland.
No inhaling the smell of a salty sea breeze,
No Fish n’ chips in paper; warming my knees.

No strolling through fields and drinking the view
No squelching socks, wet from the dew.
No sharing with people perchance on the day
No enriching encounter, then back on my way

No cosy restaurant, friends and fine wine,
No high heels and elegance; dressed up to dine.
No night at the ballet and home on the train,
No celebratory drink, no glass of champagne.

No walking by torch light just my dogs and I,
No magical canopy; a star studded sky.
No driving my car; no freedom that brings,
No independence to do so many things.

No spontaneous decisions, a hallmark of mine,
No doing things different; not towing-the-line
No.... I never imagined such crippling limitations,
No fireworks at 50 and life celebrations.



A fantastically happy birthday to you ally! Your list didn't contain: no poetry. Thats a small blessing.
I absolutely appreciate this. Now we need to make up one with the YES list!

My 50th last year was very quiet... daughter tried to get a HUGE party together at a restaurant, but guess what... all my "friends" just were "too busy." (I excused them... early Dec is hard to get away, but still wonder...) I was quite happy to sit down at that restaurant with my two daughters, their husbands, and my little grandson. Enough excitement for me!

Have a great week! 50 has been my best year in decades. Loving it!
Happy birthday, ally! 50 is the new 30, or so they tell me. ;-) Now that the Nos are out of the way, here's to hoping there's lots to be thankful for going forward. : -) Cheers!
I feel so bad for you, Ally. Don't you ever have a good day? I passed my 50th recently too. But I watched a Pink Floyd concert on tv, and they all looked ancient. There's still time. Take it from a fellow geezer.

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