5 months doing better?

Ways I am doing better:
  1. Body aches less overall. I have some really good days where I don't notice much. Contrast that to where it felt driving to work was hard because my leg would ache from keeping it on the accelerator.
  2. HR better overall. I try to take 1/4 ( 12.5 mg) metropolol a day, which doesn't seem like much. Right now I am sitting at computer with HR in 50s, walking only jumped me up to into the 70/80s just now.
  3. Standing still / walking much easier. At work we have these 10-15 minute meetings while standing. They would be really painful, I'd have to sway / fidget quite a bit as it was hard. I can do much better at standing still now Walking is easier as well.
  4. I am, riding my ( pedal assist electric) bike to work again. It is about 9 miles round trip, so close, but today my HR reading for the trip was similar to pre-illness. I am sure I am not exerting as much energy as I used to, but still a good sign.
  5. I'm not sleeping that much better. I still tend to wake up after 6 hours of sleep or so and really can have a hard time going back to sleep. I am probably falling asleep better though ( melatonin / Benadryl).
  6. Drinking beer again with much less impact. Not a good thing I know! But much less impact..
  7. It feels like my body has energy sometimes?
  8. Many days I'd feel worse as the day goes on, seems like that happens a lot less now.
I think a turning point was one morning when I woke up with a bit more energy - went to work - felt hot and was sweating / uncomfortable enough I went outside to work on a 50 degree day - and was still sweating for a bit. Didn't last more than an hour but I think since then I've been doing better overall? Might not be related, but I felt quite a bit better the rest of the day and in particular that weekend. ( went downhill a bit since then - but overall better).

I did try to go on a low carb diet early this week my HR seemed to jump a ton and felt a fair amount worse, so stopped that quick.

When I was feeling the worse, I started to take supplements regularly. I've stopped them all, and after stopping them I think that strange headache has lessened / gone away. Either d-ribose or cq10. Only taking the beta blocker and fiber now.

The only other thing is I have a lot of lipomas on my body - and found a much bigger bump than usual on my thigh. My Dr said it was still a lipoma - I'm not convinced! So my worry had shifted to that, which might help.

I've never had a diagnosis or anything - and have never had anything really severe. We'll see. I'm hoping a long work vacation coming up over the holidays will help even more.


Strangely enough I woke up this morning with a sore throat / swollen uvula. Haven't been sick in a while My daughter was sick with what seemed like a cold. Bit worried the last few days I have been feeling better because I am starting to get sick ( I've read about that). Anwya
Feeling better is always good. I really hope you come out of this and completely recover. If you're worried about that lipoma, can you get it fine needle aspirated? It most likely IS a lipoma if you have others but it would be nice to put your mind at rest.
My doggy used to have a few of those :D They never did her any harm
It is a fair bit bigger than the others - I do have further options if I want to take them, but usually time ( and not growing any more) is all it takes to put my mind at ease. It's already been about 4 weeks since I noticed so I am worrying less and less.
Low heart rates can be related to hypothyroid. I know mine gets low if I start to forget to take my medication. Have you had that checked?
I've had some basic blood work including something for thyroid, I think everything I have had done has come back normal. I think overall fighting higher heart rate

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