4 year anniversary, comparison with 2 years ago

Hey! I just noticed that I posted something on 2 year anniversary so it's a good comparison.

Here's the 2 year notes (first) followed by 4 year update

On the upside:
- I can work 10-20 ish hours/week // Now 20-25 hours/week
- Sometimes I can walk //I have phases when I walk every day, but when adding a new treatment or probiotic I herx like crazy and lose that
- Sometimes I can do yoga or very gentle strength training // I often do 2 gentle fitness classes/week now!! I've managed to add in Qi Gong as well as gentle yoga and sometimes get to gyrokinesis class too. :thumbsup:
- I can do household chores many days // Usually true, less so when doing a treatment
- I can drive myself on local errands so long as it's not a crash day// Still true, In December I drove myself to the beach and back (90 min) for a quick 2 night trip ...which was fun but I did crash with all the packing and whatnot.
- SIBO isn't gone but *seems* to be on the decline // SIBO will still come back if I overdo the sugar or snacks so some underlying cause is still active I guess
- Pathogenic gut bacteria mostly gone //hopefully still true
- My boss and co-workers remain supportive// Amazing, still true
-My partner remains supportive (if mystified) // Yep
- Overall the trend appears to be positive // I like to think so, but my partner says it's ups and downs, with no clear positive sign. His memory is clearly going :rofl:

On the Other Side
- Adrenals showed some improvement in last summer's test but are now totally tanked again//Adrenals are a lot better and I was able to quit taking hydrocortisone after a LONG taper
- Beneficial gut bacteria also mostly gone// Haven't tested in a while, not sure
- I still have transient viral symptoms // Sometimes, hard to tell
- I still have intermittent joint pain// Yeah and this might be getting worse yay Lyme
- The tiniest little bit of stress (ahem, recent snowstorm/ loss of power) puts me in the red and I have to sleep for days to catch up//
I think I have a little more resilience but not a lot.
- I have a hard time complying with SIBO dietary protocol because I'm so exhausted/ brain fogged all the damn time// This is actually a huge improvement. Since then I've been able to adopt and mostly stick to AIP which is even harder than SIBO. :balloons::cake::star:
Lots of cooking.

- I still am so isolated because I can't keep a social commitment most of the time// Hey, we all are now! :rolleyes:
- I really wish I could visit my family but am not strong enough to make the trip// Doesn't matter, they're isolating and I couldn't see them anyway!! Now we visit on zoom.

Okay, will this is a little encouraging.


"Okay, will this is a little encouraging."
I'm deeply impressed !!!

I think your improvement is absolutely terrific, and I hope everyone on this site reads this .... it's a real hope-generator, and it was lovely of you to post it for all of us ....

Onward an upward :rocket::rocket::rocket: !!!
Good afternoon,

Good news! I consider this illness my current full time job! Hate this job and I am going to leave it behind soon. I'd like to get back to work part time would be nice. I look forward to having a bit more normalcy once I complete the treatment I'm currently receiving. Keep your mind in a positive head space, despite it all! Although I haven't read your story in full, I understand the complexities of this illness and can tell that you are in a much better place today then you were 2 years ago. Congratulations my friend.

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