3x2. Pills that is.

I've stepped up to 3 "teapills" of the Gui Pi Wan, twice a day. Today I woke up with slightly better energy and was actually able to get myself going fairly quickly, which is unusual for me, especially on a day when I have the luxury of sleeping in if I want to. I had two chores which had to be done-- my dog to the vet and a package to mail at the post office-- and I was able to get them both done by 10:00am. There was a time when I wouldn't even think of scheduling anything before noon if I could avoid it, so the fact that I was able to get up and out and get these things done this morning is pretty significant.

I actually got quite a bit accomplished today. I did some laundry, and mid afternoon we had a musician friend over to play some music. I did find myself starting to feel weak right around the time we started, which made sense because it was midday, and that is traditionally the time of day I feel the worst. But I didn't feel so weak that I had to stop, and though it wasn't my best rehearsal ever, it was good enough. I did get a second wind, and we played for about three hours. Amazing. And if that were not enough for one day, I went out for dinner with my husband afterward, and sat in the restaurant the whole time without feeling achy or tired. Often, when I go out, I just want to get home, but tonight I was able to enjoy it.

Still taking the fish oil capsules with each dose, and it seems that, as long as I do this, the eczema doesn't flare. I'm thinking of staying at this dose for a while, just to see if I can get back to something like the level of energy I had before I crashed and burned on my original dose, which was 4 pills, twice a day. That was before I joined this site, and I will have to describe it here in another post at some point. It was a month of feeling better than I have felt in close to 30 years. But it came at a price, and for the moment I am just happy to once again have some marginal level of improvement. I hope it will continue.


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