21 Day Meditation Challenge - Deepah Chopra

Here is a link for the Deepak Chopra Center 21 Day Meditation Challenge.
It starts tomorrow April 11, 2011... it's free to sign up and I will be doing it
since I have started meditating again this will be great! :hug:


Hope Love Light


Is this one different from the last one? I was at day 14 or something when they removed their challenge. Loved it though b/c I learned a few new meditation techniques. I think meditation is vital for me.
Thanks for posting.
Hi Hope Love Light,
Are you still takin gpart in this? I like it much more than the previous one!!

Thanks for bringing it to attention.
Hi Cansado,

Yeah sorry about the frist challenge.. it pooped out on my also as it was already over when we got started with it.
I hope the new Meditation Challenge is going well for you, I had good intnetions and then got sick and did not
start the challenge on time. I have however been using a Deepak Chopra CD every day and doing that meditation...so at least its something!

Keep it up and let me know how it's going :)

Hope Love Light

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