2 weeks on Inosine (aka part Imunovir)

So I've been on Inosine 2 weeks now.

The first 2 days I took 500mg which instantly made getting to sleep and staying asleep almost impossible from day 1. I reduced to 100mg and continued at that after a 2 day break. I noticed this dose was more tolerable and as time went on I didn't need to take benadryl to sleep. However there are some side effects and what not that are not fantastic.

Firstly inosine increase nk cell counts and nk cell activity, I was already taking beta glucans which had almost the same effects, with one difference, it didn't increase sex drive (that is stabilise it to a normal level) whereas the inosine has brought my sex drive back into balance, which can only be healthy.

Also taking the benadryl had a knock on effect in that it's probably leavin gmy brainfogged which isn't good. Taking lower doses of inosine is also causing issues (I think) in that I think that's also causing brain fog. Whereas I don't think higher doses (500mg) are doing that.

THis week I will be taking 200mg a day, I did restart ALA awhile ago but I've now stopped that as it was making my neck very stiff and may also have been contributing to brain fog.

I'm going to give it another 2 weeks probably before I give up. Sore throat has been a bit better, but it's still not where it should be really, often coming back at night really badly. But generally speaking no ebv reactivation type symptoms in the day.


Looks like the issues with my neck (inflamation along the spine but mainly around the cranial cervical junction) don't appear to be going away.

I figure it could be inflamation/cytokines from viral clearance due to the inosine, which might make a lot of sense. But it's really making the brainfog much worse, which I had under control previously.

On the plus side pulsing inosine with beta glucans is probably not a terrible approach. So stopping it for awhile is not the end of the world. But I do wonder if the beta glucans are exerting an anti infalmatory effect and this is ultimately making the ME better over time, due to a strongly exerted effect.

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