1991 lab test at Cheney Clinic. Opposing replies from Dr. Cheney and Dr. Lapp

Shuffling through my old lab stuff, I came across one from 1991. It states 4505 Chronic Fatigue Assoc. Retrovirus Assay POSITIVE

Ok, so I email Dr. Cheney as to what this could be. No reply. Since Dr. Lapp was my doc (in partners with Cheney at the time), I
decided to snail mail each a copy of the lab and offer $$ for a reply. Each replied...different answers.

Cheney: This is HTLV II but may recross with the XMRV virus in the lab.

Lapp: This was a virus identified by Dr. John Martin. The last I heard, Dr. Martin was working with Garth Nicholson in Calif., but
I have no contact info.

There is no reason to believe that this virus is related to the XMRV virus being studied at the Whittenmore Peterson Institute
in Nevada

I contacted Dr. Martin (can be found on the www) and email him about the test. He responded "asked my age, my health and the
health of my grown children". Also said that he had done a lot of research on stealth viruses but none had been published.

What do think about this?


Sounds like the viruses from the same time as Dr Defreitas and Dr Holmes. I remember Dr Martin and his stealth virus very well. He was testing patients around that time. I was never tested as not in the USA or able to get blood there.

Went on an internet hunt to see what had happened to him and found some more recent work he was doing with autism.

I wonder if your blood was used for one of the trials where both Dr DF and Dr Martin tried small blind tests to see if they could find their viri in patients (as it says Chronic Fatigue Association)

Wonder what Dr Cheney's reply means - is he hinting that it was a sniff of XMRV at that time and not HTLV2?
One kind friend posted an article from the internet that said the Defreitas was HTLV II "like". Not the real deal.
THAT confuses me about Cheney's answer...maybe he has a lot on his mind (probably does). Sounded to me like he was
saying it could be the same virus.

I had not thought of two studies being done at the same time but that could well be.

Evidently, I left something off. Dr. Lapp refers to the lab which is Oncore. And that it is not in business now. That lab name IS on the lab report.
Don't think that DeFreitas would have used Oncore lab. I haven't heard of Dr. Holmes work. I guess he and Dr. DeF worked together?
Dr Holmes found a retrovirus in some patients in New Zealand. Around the same time.
Yes, HTLV II like was the description used.
Hope we can find out more.
Have you had a XMRV test?
I am on the list to be tested the end of this month or the first of next for the new test and the older one.

Will post the results.

I used targeted Transfer Factors of two kinds. One target EBV,HHV6 and CMV...the usual that are high in CFS.
Then I added one for Mycos and lyme. The two together helped me quite a bit. I worked up to exercising 6
hours a week. Brain fog seems worse though. But the fact that the TF that targeted the mycos helped makes
me wonder if I will be positive for the XMRV.

I am off all TF's til the test is done. Feeling worse and worse.
Did find where Dr. Martin states he found a monkey molecule in a CFS patient.
Indicates a tainted polio vaccine.

Several of us in our small town did get CFS when we were adults. Some recovered, some didn't.

Yes, that was the SV40 monkey contamination
Thanks Spacee, hope that we find out how this all fits together. After all this time, you deserve an answer!
Amazing how I keep finding info about polio vaccine and CFIDS. My Mother had polio and has post polio, has there ever been a study to see how many of us are children of polio parents? Curious. Hope you get your answers.
Hey Friends. If I test negative for XMRV, then I am going to assume it was the live polio vaccine. And every time I have to see a new doc, I am taking
a copy of that test with me.

Cruzgirl, I don't think a study of parents with polio has ever been done. It would definitely be very interesting.

The delayed reaction is one thing too. Ok, a number of people in my small town who received the oral polio vaccine got CFS.

But this also happened. At my church a man died. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with him...may have been AIDS.
After about 3 years, 4 of us got sick at the same time (delayed), two recovered, two of us didn't and we both have CFS.

And I have known women with CFS to give birth to well infants, then the child develops CFS about puberty. Thankfully, the
two I know personally, the kids recovered. The moms are still sick but able to do a bit.

You may not know this but Dr. Cheney spent years looking for "the" virus. Finally, went on to try things that would work
to (for lack of better words) balance the immune system. One of them is artensunate. Sometimes called Hepasunate.
The patients take it on Tues, Thurs and Sat. Can get at hepalin.com. I have a bottle and when I am finished with the
XMRV test, I am going to give it a go. It is cheaper than the targeted Transfer Factors (which Cheney did use at one time
then changed to other things). About $50 for 60 capsules...so should last 20 weeks. 5 months. Can't get much cheaper
than that. He uses other things to but patients have responded favorably to artensuante.

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