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12-Stepping PWME Fellowship Group off to a great start!

I am still encouraging anyone interested to send me a private message if you'd like to be invited to the group. And I would love to get a private message from anyone at all who has any questions or comments. I'd really like to know how much interest there is in this type of group.

I see alot of "views" of the blog, but few comments, and of course I am curious to hear any brief thoughts people had, however seemingly unimportant, even a word or two, like, "oops, didn't mean to clikc this, or,oh, this wasn't what I thought it woudl be, or, oh, I know someone who might be interested..."

One specific question I have is whether it is discouraging people from wanting to join, that group members' screennames are visible on the group page. I have a question in to the moderators about whether there is any way around this, but if there is interest, we could still connect via private message, and have an occasional priavte chat. I would also try to set up another venue in which that privacy issue was not a problem.
Here is a link to the group:


Thanks for the comments of everyone so far.


Im not sure quite yet how to work private chat...but if you could plz pvt message me...thank you

Love what your doing :)


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