12-Steppers' Fellowship Group


Just wanted to say good luck with it and I thought it was a good idea. It was one issue I had never thought about but it has got to be a common enough problem for people.
Thank you, Orla. It really means alot to me to hear your feedback and encouragement. This is the first really "active" thing I've undertaken to do on the forum, so it's a bit scary. For instance, I am just learning with this example, how to have the comments show. Eeek!
Thanks, Karen. I have sent you an invitation. I want to remind people, however, that it is now also possible to be a member of this group without announcing it here or being visible anywhere, by sending a private conversation message.
It's a brilliant idea! There must be a lot of us but I find that the addiction side isn't really discussed by people with ME. I'm not sure how to send a pm yet but I started a discussion with you about it.

Greenways, the link was back when Phoenix Rising used a different system, so the private groups were listed publicly. Now that PR has "moved," the private groups are not visible to non-members, so the link doesn't work any more. I have sent you an "invitation." Let's see if that works OK. I have not had anyone join since PR switched over to this system.

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