$1000 per Seed / Underpinnings / Loathed, Clothed, and Advocated

97, 7, 6, 6, 3.23

(things ARE better, overall, really… yet here I am describing another uneventful event - and I REALLY wasn't all that distressed :))

At 337am I was awoken by … scratch that. Rewind a slight wee bit.

At 120am I was awoken by the CNA (she was intending to take my vitals). Buried underneath my pillows, blanket, and a sheet… adorning my ear muff wrap.. I told her that I was opting out. I'd just fallen asleep, because… the night nurse was running a little behind schedule.

So later, it's 337am and my roommate is in the restroom, door swung open, lights on, making peculiar noises… clearing his throat, hacking, rhythmically manipulating an object…

Within moments the bashing hacking pummeling sounds ceased, and my roommate waddled his way back into bed.

But then, you'll never believe what happens next. Okay. You will believe. You know by now how these stories turn out. I cannot fool you. Sure, perhaps I'm able to lead you astray for a short while, but not with this, and not right now.

So, if you guessed "Super Loud Television Time at 3:45am" you are a winner. Well, you're all winners here. Why? You get to follow along from home, a safe distance away from my frustrations.

So, you may be wondering what my roommate is watching that requires excessive penetrating loudness. Well, it's The God Channel. I think. Um. I'm not really sure. What I hear over and over has something to do with planting seeds, at $1000 per seed. And then something about magically reaping rewards at some future date, yet to be determined.

Truth be told, this televangelist guy was from North Carolina (born and raised), but more importantly, he turned his hundreds of dollars into hundreds of thousands of dollars, just by planting these mysterious seeds.

Needless to say, I'm not quite getting the gist of it. Where do these seeds come from? Where exactly must they be planted?

Note: horticulture was never my strong suit.

Well, the native North Carolinian does not say. He's got this cloak and dagger kind of vibe going.. a certain evasiveness. Instead of revealing answers, he talks about envelopes and stamps, before instructing the viewers to send cash and checks in exchange for prayers. I mean, I'm short on funds, so if he wants to send me cash, I'll pray for him or anybody else who feels I could possibly make a difference. Heck, I've got all sorts of free time (admittedly, I am still figuring out how to pray effectively, but I feel I've got the basics down.. and I am sincere).

But what I really really want right now (beyond resolving the seed planting dilemma) is to sleep. So please Mr. Televangelist, kindly explain how I may best convince my uncommunicative roommate to turn off the flat screen….

It's Now (now)

It's 427am and noisy as hell, so I've given up on sleeping. And so you know, now you are caught up, and we are experiencing Real Time. Do you feel the Real Time.. from where you are at?

As one might expect, I'm frustrated beyond belief. So in order to retaliate, I do the only thing I can (without creating a fuss). I grab my earbuds, shove them deep inside my ear holes, and crank out the jams. Electric Wizard. Dalek. Godflesh. Mr. Bungle. Lovage. The heaviest of the heavy and the weirdest of the weird.

And so it goes…

My "New Room" Sleep Log:

97 minutes (Wednesday)

7 hours (Thursday…)

6 hours

6 hours

3 hours

So, those three days after having slept, I felt much improved overall. And my recovery time after having performed the Commode Olympic Event was greatly diminished… a few hours, versus many. So yes, restful sleep IS a factor (as it relates to my wellness).

The Seaweed and The Sunlight

< removed multiple paragraphs due to boringness >

And into Tuesday We Go ------

About Last Night (Monday)

I came in from being outside all day, passed the nurse as she was distributing meds to my neighbors (she acknowledged me visually and verbally). And after hopping (flopping) back into bed, I was going to ask the CNA to remind the nurse that my formula needed replacing, but … the last time I did so, this particular nurse jumped all over me (because she said she knew what she was doing). So I waited 45 minutes, until 6pm (my supposed drop dead time) before asking the CNA to ask the nurse to attend to my formula needs. And then at 7pm, I once again asked the CNA to remind the nurse that I was out of formula. And by 730pm I finally gave up.

You see, this was the nurse who verbally confronted me two weeks ago, the one who was angry that she might go on report because... well… she repeatedly neglected me.

At 845pm the nurse finally came into my room… and I wasn't feeling up to another confrontation, so I just smiled and told her that everything was wonderful.

Helping Hands

Earlier, as I lay quietly outside and underneath the very typical baby blue Arizona sky (from end to end), I was formally introduced to the evening's CNA. And I could tell straight off we would make an agreeable resident-to-staff coupling. She smiled easily and frequently, plus, the words out of my mouth easily made her laugh.

Up until that point, I'd experienced an uncommonly down day. I'd been agitated from start to finish. Well, I allowed myself to be agitated, after not having slept. My decision. My choice.

So later on, back in my room, this CNA opened my packages for me. And I received a few t-shirts and some shorts in one package (thank you PR person!), and then the rest of the items were the items dropped off by The Former Person.

In the suitcase were a pair of jeans, a belt, underwear, socks, sweatshirt, long underwear, and a winter hat. So that takes care of my wardrobe. My closet is now full.

But the best part of all that was my smiling easily entertained CNA. It makes me happy whenever I'm able to bring joy to others (especially if and when I am unable to find it within myself).

Been Advocated

And aggravated as I'd been all day, I had options, people whom I could have utilized at any given moment, but I chose to needlessly suffer (not horribly, mind you, but my inaction allowed my discomfort to linger longer than necessary).

First, there was my one friend and his divorce, our texting and my helping was terribly underwhelming. Then another friend (unwell) began texting me, and yet again, I'm distracted… somehow disengaged (a rarity). She would have eventually helped me find my way out of it (as she often does), but...

Then My Advocate calls in the midst of all of this disengagement. And I typically prioritize in-person events, over phone calls, then phone calls over texting… so as this transpires, I'm hoping my favored texters understand.

It turns out my advocate asks me what's wrong, and I tell her. And it's okay that I tell her. So we talk through my generalized day-long agitation.. and then she delves deeper still, into the Ex-wife factor. Which, as it turns out, I'm handling well. Which I've always believed I was. And she concurs.

So, I'm glad I have these three people, and sometimes more. There's a healthy balance with each of us, and each of everybody else in my life right now. I am not always helping (or trying yo help) anymore in real life, nor am I exclusively being helped. This all-new dynamic is both agreeable, and desirable.

Let's Hit the Snooze Bar

Oh. And I slept. 5 hours.

I did awaken at 405am, only to find my CNA staring at me. So, I was momentarily startled. And I'm okay with that. It's kind of funny the way she reacted to my reaction… as I experienced full sudden unpredicted awareness.

Take care,

Note: I shall respond to the previous entries' comments within the next blog entry. So any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

Today's Sky Watched:

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Gosh, Howard, maybe you need a sign saying, "Will work for food." Not that you can work, but you can give advice and a listening ear, and therapists get paid plenty for that, so it is work. I feel bad you're not getting your food. Like someone mentioned before, is it possible for you to try sipping your formula?

I hope today is a better day for you. I'm so sorry for your frustrating day. That nurse needs to know she doesn't really know what she's doing.
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I feel bad you're not getting your food. Like someone mentioned before, is it possible for you to try sipping your formula?
This whole feeding thing is more farcical than anything else. I am able to fix up my own formula, it's just that I have to use a Brand New Bag each time. Insurance doesn't cover that, so the problem being (not for me, for them) is that they are going to be paying for a lot of extra feeding bags unnecessarily... or that I may run out in an untimely fashion.
When you are up to it or have the help............would like to see more of the things people have sent you .:)
Right, I need to do that. As soon as I get a user-friendly CNA I'll be all over it (should have done it last night!!!). The secondary problem is that each time I try to post images, I get an "oops" error --- so I will have to navigate that as well.
Hi Howard....Sorry you aren't being fed on time. Hopefully today will be better.

May I ask why you haven't said anything to your new roommate? That is absolutely unreasonable. Also, since your short on horticultural knowledge, I should tell you that the money seed comes from the money tree....you need to sit/sleep under one. Who knows what will drop in your lap?

Amazon is already running late. The tees & shorts are for your use and you can either choose to give the winter garments to others or get rid of the ones from home. It's up to you. Give them to someone who needs them...or the nurses.

It occurred to me that the candy may be melted, so I'm sorry about that....the reviews I read (after the fact) were pretty bad. Hope the new ones are better. But they won't arrive until later, unfortunately.

I haven't heard anything from Rufous, but her daughter is to leave today. I'm suffering from something myself....brought in by my roaming hubby. Bad, bad cold....to say the least. Yours, Lenora.
The Seaweed and The Sunlight
< removed multiple paragraphs due to boringness >
I was actually looking forward to hearing about the seaweed, and I highly doubt those paragraphs were boring.

I'm trying to understand the feeding bag situation. Can we help you get feeding bags? But you said it's their problem and not yours, yet you're the one not being fed. I'm happy to contribute.
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I've at long last got pictures of things sent, and the words accompanying the pictures are in the works. :)

Although, I'm not sure how I'll post multiple images... usually my post blows up when I try to attach a single solitary image.

Today has been a day of failure... yet, I am not defeated!!! Well maybe temporarily...

Hi @Howard.....Well, just take a big breath and give it up....so today was a failure mainly due to your roomie and the nurse not feeding you on time.

@christiankatz is right....is there anything we can do to help remedy the situation? Horrible things need to happen to the wiring of the TV when your roomie turns it on late at night. All sorts of bzzz's, crackles and horrifying things coming out of the wires in his direction. Does anyone know anything about things like that?

Does roomie talk at all? Does he sleep when you aren't then during the day, I wonder? Your biggest concern seems to be your rotten roommates, doesn't it?

Chasing down a satisfying meal is second on the list. I get that you don't want to complain too much, but they're both pretty significant problems when you're where you are.

Meanwhile the world continues as it always has. Some trouble abroad somewhere, school shootings that aren't helped by the parents and social media. Oh, and you're missing the awards shows with stars and starlets we've never even heard of! It's called old age.

I don't know what to suggest apart from lying under the money tree....a windfall will happen sooner or later. Here's hoping you slept last night. L.
I just had a thought... :mischievous:

What you need (heeheehee) is a universal remote that you can keep hidden under your blankets. It would allow you to control your roommate's TV (on/off...volume...heck, channels, even) whenever it got too annoying. :smirk::smirk::smirk:
Very good @Woof!......Lynne, that's brilliant. We haven't heard much at all about this roommate, but he may not catch on for awhile. If nothing else, he'll get the hint. (But if may not matter.)

Certainly beats my suggestion, but since I didn't know anything about the man, he wasn't really quite real. Besides, I didn't say he passed away. Still, that pulls me down to the level of your common garden criminal too. (Story on another thread.) No dog will like me now. Yours, Lenora.

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