0 Symptoms - Feels Amazing (energy is another story)

OK So do not ask, I didn't change anything much and I have been with 0 symptoms. I have a clear head and I don't feel pain anywhere or anything bothering me today (probably I will get my period since I get remission on it).

But in these past few days, I have been noticing the brain fog finally going away, the pain is under control just a feeling good in general feeling.

I have not done anything different. I am getting b12 shots which always make me feel better but I have done it before with no such great results. So I think is that I have been doing little things here and there and they all add up to a point where my body is responding well.

I am not cured obviously if I do exercise, I feel a bit of PEM if I overdo. Also my base energy is not any higher but I can do more without getting symptoms. I would rate me at a 7 today (only because I cannot move as I please I still have to manage energy). I can walk about 30min in a day (as my exercise) and some stretching.

The point is , the feeling. If I do not move I feel like a normal person which I haven't felt in 10 years. I can have up to 70 symptoms on my worst minimum of 5 or so on a good day. But being able to breath and take in live and just exist without all that physical suffering Is freaking priceless. :balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons:

You don't realize how bad we are until we get that good day.


Well it lasted all 4 hours!!!! That is the fragility of CFS. It is hot at work, and I overheated (I do not sweat much due to OI) and that crashed me a bit. I am not too bad but the well feeling is gone. Feeling quit tired by now.
Fantastic to have time feeling normal. Hoping you have a lot more of this. :)
Actually not unfit, I have kept strengthening all through CFS 10 years. And try to give a lot of the energy to keep conditioned. I have enough problems as it is to add deconditioning. So I do walls or stairs push ups, for legs bike and so on.

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