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9. The Bad Post Section

Jun 5, 2012
9. The Bad Post Section

    We all know things can get a little intense on Forums at times. If they get too intense then here are some things you can do about it.

    Reporting Bad Posts

    • What if someone’s posts go beyond the pale in terms of forum etiquette. Can I report them?
    • Yes, on the footer of each post is where you find this option
    • Simply click 'Report' and you can report what you offends you about this post. If this poster is making a habit of being offensive and you want to go further see below

    Report post.png

    • Click on 'Report Post' when you have typed in a detailed account of why you are reporting the post

    Making Irritable Posters Disappear

    What if there is someone whose posts consistently irritate or offend me? Can I make it so that I stop seeing their posts?

    • Yes, click on your user name in the menu bar
    • Choose the option "People You Ignore"

    People you ignore.png

    • Add the person you wish to ignore by typing their name into the box
    Member to ignore.png

    • Click on ‘Save'. It will be like they were never there! You’ll now see the forums as before but this person’s posts will not appear


    • Click on the username/avatar of the user you wish to ignore


    • Click on Ignore

    To Stop Ignoring a Member

    • Click on your Username
    • Click on 'People you Ignore'

    Unignore 2.png

    • Click on 'Stop Ignoring'


    • Click on the username/avatar of the person you are ignoring and a pop-up will appear

    Unignore User.png

    • Click on 'Unignore'
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