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XMRV VIPdx Positive for Culture

Discussion in 'XMRV Testing, Treatment and Transmission' started by mojoey, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. alice1

    alice1 Senior Member

    What is NT therapy?And whatever it is I hope you feel better after you start again m0joey. I must be in the minority section because I'm hoping I have xmrv or whatever name it comes with.To know that there could be treament that may help is my dream come true.I've tried everything and have had CSF/EBV/ME
    for 23 years so I'm game.So so game.I would also use my naturopathic doc to help balance out the toxic effects or problems that could potentially occur.
    Bring it on.
  2. mojoey

    mojoey Senior Member

    Hey Alice1

    There was a thread started in the Alternative Therapies section about NT. Also, here is a good article describing NT the way Mike Dessin, Patient 1-3, JanisB, ShellBell, Kfisher446, and BigDreams87 (just to list the patients reporting in on New Day) are getting it done:

    I think I stated before that I'm actually glad I'm positive for XMRV. If NT doesn't produce desired results for me, then I'll have something else to chase. If it does and the results hold with time, that would speak volumes on the effectiveness of a body-state treatment and maybe to the role of XMRV as something that activates when the terrain is out of whack as opposed to a virus that throws the terrain out of whack.

    For the record, my NT doc was delighted to hear I'm positive, because I'm the first one in his office that is positive so far. A pet project if you will.

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