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XMRV: Quiet Time by Dr. David Bell

Discussion in 'Media, Interviews, Blogs, Talks, Events about XMRV' started by _Kim_, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

    Dr. Bell has a new issue of the Lyndonville News out (December 2009).

    XMRV: Quiet Time

  2. OurDayWillCome


    Thanks for posting this, Kim. I hope Bell is indicating what researchers will be studying when he asks these questions:

    "So is XMRV in really severe ME? CFS? Orthostatic intolerance? CFS plus POTS? Mild fibromalgia? Atypical MS? CFS with or without depression? Chronic Lyme disease? Multiple chemical sensitivities?"

    It would be wonderful is some of these poorly understood problems could be cleared up, and researchers have already named some of these as comorbid conditions. People deserve some relief.
  3. oerganix

    oerganix Senior Member

    Thanks Kim...

    Dr. Bell: "Dr. Dan Peterson said at the recent CFSAC meeting that a transfusion case of CFS and XMRV has already been found and traced back to the donor."

    I don't remember Peterson saying that. Anyone else know about this? I thought I heard him say he was looking for the donor in a case where his patient got CFS after a blood transfusion and that several lawyers contacted him looking for this type of situation. But I don't recall him saying the donor had already been found.

    Wouldn't that have made a big headline if it were true? "Blood supply endangered by patients with psychosomatic illness!!!!"
  4. Kati

    Kati Patient in training

    Of what I understood he had traced the donor, had the patient's blood before and after the transfusion and was in the process of doing the testing. He also said some lawyers had contacted him too. :cool:

    I wonder if the same lawyers would not work on a class action against the CDC and Bill Reeves? :rolleyes:
  5. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

    Right oerganix. Maybe Dr. Bell has heard the follow up on what Peterson mentioned.

  6. Eric Johnson from I&I

    Eric Johnson from I&I Senior Member

    Quiet time! Booo! I'd rather see headlines left & right.
  7. shrewsbury

    shrewsbury member

    boo hoo. Me too Eric. Or is it argggh? It's tough being a patient patient.
  8. starcycle

    starcycle Guest

    Omg - even with a possible pathogen they're STILL trying to pin it on "mental health": :p

    "...could psychiatric illness predispose to XMRV?"

    Lots of people have had unprotected sex with HIV+ partners and not gotten HIV/AIDS. Please show me one speculation that anyone ever made anywhere that the only reason anyone gets HIV is because they are predisposed to getting it because they're "depressed!"

    lol - unbelievable!
  9. Kati

    Kati Patient in training

    LOL not to be rude to the psychiatrists, but I think they're worried of losing business...


    @Eric and Islandfinn, I am also very impatient.

    Also can't wait to hear Dr Mikovits on January 22 from 2 to 4 PM:)
  10. Samuel

    Samuel Bedbound with NO DOCTOR

    Starcycle, I think that there was at least one paper in 1984 or so claiming that the stress of being gay was a factor.

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