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XMRV and Transmission: The Big Question

Discussion in 'XMRV Testing, Treatment and Transmission' started by Aftermath, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Cloud

    Cloud Guest

    Sorry to put this in this thread....but can anyone suggest a solution as to why I receive only a fraction of the email notifications for responses on my subscribed threads? I get like 1 out of 25. Cort is aware and has reported this, but the problem continues....any ideas?

    Thanks everyone
  2. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

    Ross - first off I wanted to thank you for putting up that wonderful avatar again. When I first started reading your posts months ago, I thought that was a picture of you :rolleyes: - anyway - I love that photo!!

    And now about your notifications. You will only get one notification per thread - so if 5 people respond to this thread, you will only receive one notice. But if you are not getting any notifications from some of your subscribed threads, that's a whole other problem. A weird one and I'm not sure how to remedy it. I'll poke around and see what I can find out for you.
  3. Cloud

    Cloud Guest

    Lol, your welcome Kim....This avatar is Cloud from Advent Children. I have several of him and most are animated, but they remain still on these sites for some reason. Lots of people mistake this pic of him for a girl....but no, he's a guy. Maybe he has a good balance yin/yang, but he's also a warrior who saves his people and of course, gets the girl.

    Thanks for looking into the email notification issue for me. On this thread for example, the email notification I got today is the first in over 25 posts. It seems that way with most of them. I can go weeks with no notifications for replies to threads that I am subscribed to that are racking up pages and pages of posts. I have tried a reset by re-subscribing to threads and it doesn't help either.

    Appreciate whatever you turn up....thanks
  4. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

    Because of the size limit on the avatars, only the smallest animated files will work here. Andrew used to have a blinking eyed South Park character. CFS1998 had a moving clock. dmarie has a butterly with moving wings - all of these are small enough to meet the size limit.

    So I google Cloud and found a youtube video. I think I have a crush on an anime boy! He'!!

    charityfundraiser may be right. You could try logging in for a few days in a row to test that one out.

    I also checked your settings - everything looks okay. You might want to try changing them to receive daily emails instead of instant notification. I don't know if that'll work, but it might...
  5. da_foles


    brisbane, Australia
    I think if XMRV is legit and true to be the cause of CFS, then I feel this virus piggybacks itself in on herpes virus's. So many people have had glandular fever and then get CFS. Maybe people that get infected just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. They come in contact with someone who has active mono with active xmrv attached to it. Then boom.

    Without active ebv maybe the virus can't spread??

    I also think the virus will be highly vertically transmitted. Some people will be more susceptible to it also due to certain gene defects, weak immunity. Also people have the virus, but put themselves through far to much stress physically, mentally, emotionally etc. Then boom the virus actives and makes its way into the DNA. This is all basically based on how I came down with CFS. I'm going back 9 years to when I was infected with glandular fever. I think xmrv if I have it came in then but my immune system has been able to keep it at bay for the last 9 years at great difficulty until I had another flare of ebv ignored it pushed through then snap.

    Who knows though, look forward to all the answers that will come in 2010.
  6. Katie

    Katie Guest

    EDIT: I didn't see da foles post but I'm leaving mine up anyway :D

    Dr Coffin (retrovirologist) theorised at the CFSAC that XMRV could 'piggyback' on more common viruses such as EBV which are spread by droplet. This could go someway towards explaining cluster outbreaks if there was a XMRV/EBV/any other contagion hybrid strain. It's interesting and I don't understand it myself but I'm sure Coffin knows what he's talking about.
  7. froufox

    froufox Senior Member

    Thanks for replying Katie and yes congenital XMRV would explain a lot in your case wouldnt it. I'm sorry you been ill since you were young, Ive been ill for a long time but I feel lucky that I had a normal healthy childhood and was very rarely ill with anything. I do wonder if the mercury in the vaccines I had trigggered everything off and I guess its also very possible that I had a methylation block off to begin which the vaccines just made apparent due to the mercury. Anyway it will be interesting to see what happens with the XMRV results. My bloods been sent off to VIPdx and I'm expecting the results around mid Jan and cant wait to find out though if I'm found to be negative I'm not sure I'll be 100% confident in the result anyway!

    You seem like a bright spark to me anyway imagine what you'll be like when you're well?! :)

    Take care

  8. Cloud

    Cloud Guest

    Thanks Charity....That certainly would explain the problem. Because of having something like 20+ subscribed threads currently, I was only returning to the board when I would get an email notification of a response. I wasn't logging on for other reasons. I was perpetually fading away, lol.
  9. Cloud

    Cloud Guest

    Lol, Glad you like him. I have always loved fantasy and anime. I like Cloud because I relate to his personality. My favorite is the animated pic of him throwing balls of energy into the sky and blasting clouds apart. I could do that for hours, lol.
    Yea, I have seen those other animated Avi's here.....I'll try some of my smaller ones. Also, I'll try changing the email notification frequency, if the daily log in doesn't work.

    Thanks Kim.....
  10. sunshine722


    "MONTAGNE: You now know what is associated with Chronic Fatigue
    Syndrome. Does it tell you how someone gets it?

    Dr. PETERSON: It's an excellent question, because I think it's required
    probably to be a genetic predisposition like there are for most diseases.
    And then there has to be the infectious agent and then a combination of
    host factors, probably immune factors, et cetera, that propagate the
  11. Cloud

    Cloud Guest

    Very good ideas....The piggy back idea certainly could explain the gap in explaining a few things to do with modes of transmission. The idea of xmrv being dormant for many years until there is an Immune insult, seems most likely in my own experience. I was very healthy, happy, and athletic for 25 years before getting sick. It was a form of Immune trauma that triggered the change.

    Thanks Da Foles and Katie
  12. da_foles


    brisbane, Australia
    Yup same with me, healthy fit young man until at the age of 26 I pushed my body to its limit while feeling a little run down and snap. CFS thanks for coming. NOT
  13. Eric Johnson from I&I

    Eric Johnson from I&I Senior Member


    People have 6 MHC genes each. Organisms are mostly made of proteins, and proteins (AKA polypeptides) are linear series of building blocks called amino acids. They are linear but they fold into 3-dimensional shapes that do the molecular work of the body. Inside the cells is something that chops up samples of all proteins into polypeptide segments that are often about 9 or 10 amino acids in length. All different kinds of these stick into the MHC and then get displayed on the cell surface.

    Since there are 20 amino acids, there are 20^9=512,000,000,000 different possible polypeptides with a length of 9 amino acids. Therefore, any pathogen should have some polypeptides that are different from all of yours. These create a certain 3-d structure when they bind into MHC.

    T cell have a recepter, the TCR, which is a protein with a random sequence. Having a random sequence, it folds up into a random shape. These travel around and examine whether the random TCR fits with MHC : peptide complexes from your own body. If they do fit, and thus react strongly to your own body, they should be rendered permanently passive. If not, they are allowed to persist, and if they one day fit onto some MHC : peptide complex (and certain other criteria are met as well), they know that this peptide must be from some foreign entity inside the cell. So they either destroy the cell on whose surface that MHC : peptide complex is found, or, if it be a well-armed macrophage or monocyte, they simply tell it there is an invader inside and its time to ramp up the intensity of aggressive behaviors like production of reactive oxidative small molecules, antimicrobial peptides, etc.

    I have simplified it in a way that distorts it a little bit, but not very much.
  14. Eric Johnson from I&I

    Eric Johnson from I&I Senior Member

    Anyway, the MHC stuff is at the heart of the vertebrate immune system, which is the most complex thing in the world except for the vertebrate brain.

    Because extremely few infections were able to cross the aleutian land bridge, Am-indians lost their MHC diversity. MHCs are generally by far the most diverse genes in vertebrate populations -- ie different people have lots of different variants in what is essentially the same gene.

    But if things arent needed they tend to go away. Go back like 15 generations, which should take you almost to 1600 AD, and you will find that most of the people alive then were not our ancestors. They have zero descendants today. Their lineages are extinct. Probably only something like 2% of them (?) are ancestors of those who are now living. Thus, a lot of the genetic variety in those people has been lost. But new diversity is constantly created by mutation. But at equilibrium, and at any one time in a single population, the diversity is generally not very large compared to the enormous diversity eurasians and africans would have in the MHC genes. That diversity is maintained by selection. People with MHC variants that are too common are more likely to meet with pathogens that are well-adapted to those particular variants. So, those people are less fit.

    But since this was not the case in Am-indians, their MHC diversity was lost, because every ten generations most lineages go extinct. Thus, most MHC variants also went extinct. So generally, after a couple millennia or so, everyone in a certain area wound up having identical MHC variants. Or there might be just two or three variants at each MHC gene. Whereas if you went to London in 1400 you would find 80 or so at each gene.

    I would imagine that natural selection has increased the MHC diversity in Am-indians during the last four centuries, during which almost all of them died of infection -- as opposed to almost none of them dying of infection over the 10-20,000 years prior to AD 1492. There has not been enough time for much evolution of new variants. But I would think that they would at least have recombined. Instead of have variant A of MHC#1 and variant A of MHC#2, and so on for the other 4 MHC genes, you would have new combinations like #1-A with #2-B. This recombination happens rather slowly, but much faster than the evolution of new MHC variants. Most new variants do not bind many different 9-amino-acid peptides well. These would be removed by natural selection even in a situation where there is very little infection. Only if there were literally zero infection would such a variant be just as good as any other. Strictly speaking, Am-indians probably did have infections that they needed to control using the MHC -- EBV for example. But they must have had almost no usually-*virulent* infections.
  15. Advocate

    Advocate Senior Member

    This vertebrate's brain now includes some images that might help MHC stick. Thank you for taking the time to spell it out.
  16. rwinsmom528


    Why Hep B is required for newborns

    Vaccine manufacturers refused to develop the Hep B vaccine unless lawmakers agreed to require that newborns get it, because IV drug users and people engaged in high risk behaviors generally don't seek out the vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies said there would not be enough demand for the vaccine to be profitable without the newborn requirement.

    Even my children's pediatrician who recommended most vaccines recommended against that one.
  17. flybro

    flybro Senior Member

    I seem to have had hormone and energy problems all of my life. I was also failure to thrive from birth.

    Later it was put down to, being a hormonal teenager, the pill, being pregnant, being a mum, moving house/country, new job on and on and on for over twenty years.

    The last 6/7 years has seen a steady decline in my health, i have gone from no meds to begging for meds, from being uncomfortable to being in pain, from being tired to being exhausted. From being a sun worshipper to hiding from the sun.

    I've gone from someone that could eat anything to a very limited menu. Form having no allergies to being sensitive and intolerant of many things.

    I had a tettanus roughly 6/7 years ago, so that a possible sauce of unslt to my immune system.

    Genetic predisposition, a paternal grandmother with MS, a great aunt not blood related with MS, and a maternal blood Aunt with MS/CFS type symtoms.

    I also had a number of insults on my imunne system as a kid, including glandualr fever, and red flu at 10 11 ish, brocho-pnemonia at 8 months old.

    I also broke bones as a kid including 2and a half inch fracture of the skull, as an adult broken leg, thrill seeker and tree climber. Climbing trees and ladders was part of my work before I became too ill to work. My fitness was not compramised 6/7 years ago. Now I couldn't lift a hedge trimmer let alone drag a chainsaw up a tree.

    I had blood products after loosing blood in a car crash.
    There are so many variables in my life, it feels impossible to nail down the start or the cause. However the tettanus seems to have broken something in me.

    I also have concerns about my biological kids and my one of my step children.

    I'm just thinking out loud, hope I'm not to far of the forum topic.

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