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xmrv+ and just got back "mini-cytokine" panel fr VIP: need help interpreting results

Discussion in 'XMRV Testing, Treatment and Transmission' started by Rrrr, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Rrrr

    Rrrr Senior Member

    I am xmrv+. can anyone help me interpret the results of my "mini-cytokine" panel from WPI's lab (called VIP). i have no idea what any of it means.

    the "mini-cytokine" panel test is technically called the "NKCP & LYEA WPI"

    Flow Cytometry Report
    C19A - normal, in reference range
    CD19 - normal, in reference range
    CD4 - normal, in reference range
    CD45 - normal, in reference range
    CD48 - normal, in reference range
    CD4A - normal, in reference range
    CD8 - normal, in reference range
    CD8A - normal, in reference range

    NKC1: %NK cells in blood (CD16, CD56+/CD3-)
    abnormal results: 3.35 (normal range is 6-20%)

    NKC2: % Specifid cell lysis
    results: 16.8 (normal range is 6-20%)

    NKC3: % Lytic Activity
    abnormal results: 50.2 (normal range is 3-33%)

    NKC4: %T Cells in blood (CD3+)
    abnormal results: 83.69 (normal range is 45-76%)

    NKC5: Total T-Cell (CD3+) Absolute count
    results: 1310 (normal range is 750-2310/cmm)

    NKC6: NK cells (CD56+) Absolute Count
    abnormal results: 50 (normal range is 120-410/cmm)

    NKC7: NK-T: NK Ratio (the ratio of CD3+/CD56+ (NK-T) cells to CD3-/CD56+ (NK) cells)
    abnormal results: 0.44 (no reference range given)
  2. minimus


    Well, I can (sort of) help...those results you are showing are not for the mini-cytokine panel. The mini-cytokine panel would show result for circulating levels of three interleukins: IL6, IL8, and IL12. I just received my results today from VIP for the mini-cytokine panel, so I know from first hand experience.

    I also got the same lab results you are showing a few weeks ago. They are not the test results for the mini-cytokine panel, but for an experimental/research test that VIP is doing for free at this point that Paul Cheney refers to as their "extensive immune panel". I think the panel is supposed to measure whether the numbers and percentages of different white blood cell types are in the normal range or not. All my results for that test were in the normal range. On my lab test results, Cheney circled the result for my NKC9 Lytic Unit, which was in the normal range at 75, and wrote "very good" next to it.

    I think this immune panel was first developed for HIV to measure whether the immune system was compromised or not. It then was used in CFS. Nancy Klimas used run this test out of her lab at the University of Miami. I know because Cheney had his patients send blood samples to her lab about 10 years ago. My impression is that the most important result is the one for NKC9, as it measures whether your natural killer cell activity is below normal or not. Most CFS patients have low NK cell activity. It seems to be one of the hallmarks of the disease. The other tests may be abnormal but I am not sure of their clinical significance. I think they are correlated to things like allergy and inflammation, if my (failing) memory serves me correctly.

    I suppose it would be helpful if VIP included some interpretation of the tests they are doing. But since they are not, your best bet is to talk to your doctor, who hopefully has enough knowledge of immunology to explain the results to you.
  3. minimus


    ...I just noticed that you don't have a result for NKC9. And I don't have results for the other NKC's that you show. It looks to me like the Cheney Clinic only mailed to me pages 1 and 3 of the test report from VIP, so I am missing page 2 of the report and don't know whether the other NKC results were abnormal for me or not. I am not sure why you don't have an NKC9 result. It was the only result shown on page 3 of the VIP lab report I received from the Cheney Clinic..maybe you are missing page 3 of the VIP lab report and I am missing page 2?
  4. Rrrr

    Rrrr Senior Member

    hi, i was away for a week due to travel and crash. but now i'll read this shortly and reply. so sorry for the delay!
  5. curecfs


    Sorry to interrupt, but can regular doctors RX these tests thru Labcorp or whatnot?
  6. Sushi

    Sushi Senior Member Albuquerque

    Any doctor can RX the VIP panels. I was looking for certain inflammatory cytokine tests, NK tests etc. and my doc couldn't find comparable ones thru the big labs like LabCorp & Quest. VIP offers an interesting array of immune and cytokine testing. And, I agree with minimus--RRR, this doesn't look anything like the cytokine panel I had from VIP.

    The question is always what insurance will pay for.

  7. Daffodil

    Daffodil Senior Member

    NKC9 at 75? wow. that is very good. mine was 2!!! but now it is 7.5. geez...cant believe i am still here! lol

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