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William Switzer - CDC looking for XMRV and MLV in lab workers!

Discussion in 'XMRV Research and Replication Studies' started by CBS, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. urbantravels

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    It didn't seem to me to go beyond anything she has said in very public settings - such as in the Santa Rosa talk in January. Certainly she's dropped lots of public hints that big news is coming soon that will end the contamination debate. But I agree that permission should always be sought to repost.
  2. Dreambirdie

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    Getting ONE response back from JM is a lucky thing... but getting a follow-up response for permission can be a long wait or never happen.

    So for now, I'm opting to delete. And in the future, I'll just keep my emails with her and Klimas a private thing and post a bunch of smileys instead.

    as in... ;););););) :victory:

    You'll just all have to guess the meaning... and I won't tell. :mask:
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    Thanks Rrrr. Just saying what's true. I hope others do too.

    And now it's time for a vacation. :In bed: See you all later....
  4. Rrrr

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    i watched the video link first posted on this thread. i was horrified. the bias was over the top against xmrv and the association of xmvr with cfs. i found the whole thing horrific.

    - a real set up. a real attempt to totally discredit any link between xmrv and cfs.
    - the moderator even said that there was no one there to speak for "the other side," (i.e. the positive papers regarding xmvr and cfs), but the moderator did not say why (the answer: they did not let them attend the conference as a speaker!). it was shocking.
    - the audience laughed at desperately sick people with cfs when dr. bergman ( made her comment.
    - most pertinent to VIP lab (the WPI lab) are the last two comments from the audience. the 2nd to last audience comment (paraphrasing): labs claiming to be able to test for xmrv will soon be cropping up to take money from desperate sick people. last audience comment: they already are!
    - then stoye wrapped up the whole show with his conclusion (paraphrasing): i guess we have now proven that though xmrv may exist, it is not linked to disease.

    if anyone was not furious before, they should watch the video and they will be now.
  5. raven



    William M. Switzer, MPH (part Vulcan?)

    Discussed here

    Serologic and PCR testing of persons with chronic fatigue syndrome in the United States shows no association with xenotropic or polytropic murine leukemia virus-related viruses Brent C Satterfield, Rebecca A Garcia, Hongwei Jia, Shaohua Tang, HaoQiang Zheng, William M Switzer
    Retrovirology 2011, 8:12 (22 February 2011)

    "We tested blood specimens from 45 CFS cases and 42 persons without CFS from over 20 states in the United States for both XMRV and MuLV. The CFS patients all had a minimum of 6 months of post-exertional malaise and a high degree of disability, the same key symptoms described in the Lombardi et al. study. Using highly sensitive and generic DNA and RNA PCR tests, and a new Western blot assay employing purified whole XMRV as antigen, we found no evidence of XMRV or MuLV in all 45 CFS cases and in the 42 persons without CFS. Our findings, together with previous negative reports, do not suggest an association of XMRV or MuLV in the majority of CFS cases."
  6. Joopiter76

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    I think he looks not very intelligent on the picture, haha...

    Does anyone know if the WPI ever checked vaccines and ticks for XMRV or MLVs? I mean the more vaccination became usual the more the CFS-rate increased. But CFS has a long story some hundred years ago there where cases with similar illness signs. And remember that other neurological illnesses may be associated with XMRV as well like MS, autism and so on. Vaccination became more and mor usual in the last 50 years especially in the last 30 years. And vaccines are produced in the lab and tested in mice first. so......

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