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Why so many Vitamins and Minerals

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Rita1979, Apr 16, 2018 at 12:39 PM.

  1. Rita1979



    this is a very general question. I am not diagnosed with ME/CFS. But due to many heathy issues, particularly also with respect to energy and tiredness and brain fog I started the journey into the world of Vitamins, Biochemistry and all that which many of you know yourself. I have a complicated medical history and it will probably never be possible to understand all the variables.

    Now, as compared to the RDAs, I am probably taking an insanely high amount of B Vitamins and even though not everything is perfect, slowly over the last years there is progress.

    I am also taking Synthroid due to hypothyroidism, but I am planning to wean it of at some point if I have more stabililty in my life.

    Probably I already had B deficiencies as a child. I remember that I always had open painful corners of my mouth (Riboflavine) I always had problems with my skin itching and maybe atrophic excema as a child.

    Biotin works like magic for me, so I was thinking about having Biotinidase tested, but didn't, yet.

    My question is, how can it be that apparently I need those high amounts of Vitamins? Is it the quality? Is it the composition in most B complexes that renders them unefficient?

    I take

    several grams of Vitamin C

    500mg Niacin
    100 mg P5P
    1000µg Methylfolate
    5000µg MethylB12
    10 - 20 mg Biotin
    1000 mg B5

    1000µg Iodine
    400µg Selenium
    25mg zinc
    100mg iron
    4 g MSM

    800 i.E. Vitamin E

    80g protein
    2 - 3 g Tryptophan
    2 - 3 g Tyrosine

    Fish oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Black Pepper and such.

    I had a real low Jan - March since I stopped taking 5000 i.E. Vitamin D. After the last blood tests the results where saturated. I only realized that the insane tiredness during the last months might have been due to Vitamin D, after I has my first sun exposure and mood, energy and motivation drastically increased. So I am getting as much sun as possible whenever possible.

    I am neither tall nor overweight. I am in fact quite small and skinny.

    Is my protocol so wrong, or unefficient? I respect that certain nutrients cannot be taken together and so I split most of them over the day.

    Now I ordered Riboflavin and Ashwagandha.

    I mean... if I need those huge amounts of stuff to see improvement, how can it be that everyone else in my environment seems to run more or less healthy on normal nutrition? People function, ok they develop problems over the time. But how can it be that I seem to need so much more in order to achieve a similar level of functioning? I thought about genetic reasons and this is how I found the Biotinidase deficiency, but that should only affect Biotin?

    There are some people that run well on little amounts of all these nutrients and then there are those that just seem to need infinite amounts of it... is it disease that needs healing? Is it certain genetics that make one just need more? Do I need to take those Vitamins for the rest of my life or can I at some point just return to normal nutrition? It was never perfect but I was more or less healthy until the age of 23, then I had some therapy with side effects and I did never recover from it and was only improving in the last two years. I do believe that changes in the body due to side effects of prescription drugs are not permanent if they "only" affect biochemistry (receptors, enzymes and such), so does it just need so much time and so many nutrients to balance side effects of a treatment that happened more than 12 years ago? How can this be? Are some prescription drugs really that poisonous and dangerous?

    Thank you for reading :)
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  2. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    Vitamins and minerals have various physiological effects the body, effects which will usually be proportional to dosage. The RDA is set so that you don't become deficient in these vitamins and minerals; but if you go higher than the RDA, you will get further physiological effects which may be of benefit.
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  3. alkt

    alkt Senior Member

    malabsorption could be a possible reason.
  4. LINE


    Stress is likely one of the big factors. This stress can be emotional, mental and the lesser known, biological stress. Biologic stress comes mainly from inflammation in which the immune system is quite active. So for those with chronic infections, the immune system is busy generating plenty of toxic chemicals (free radicals) that create stress in the body. The body must detox and repair the damage from these events. The other prevailing problem with ME patients are the loads of toxins in which the immune system and other detox pathways must deal with. This too creates cell damage and requires raw nutrients to repair the damage.

    As the other poster said, malabsorption could also play a role. The gut often becomes damaged either from direct infection (infections that harbor the gut) or indirectly. The latter means that the GI tract contains about 70% of the immune system which may assist systemic infections (example a systemic virus or a virus that is not in the gut). With the damage happening, the gastro tract may not be absorbing nutrients.

    Another important factor is bioindividuality. Bioindividuality is the unique footprint every person has. There can be some ubitquitous suggestions such as antioxidants but many times one substance may help one while it could have a neutral or bad effect in another. Tuning the right supplements is a good thing and this usually comes from trial and error.
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  5. Martial

    Martial Senior Member

    Ventura, CA
    Also important to make sure you don't offset other vitamins and minerals by raising the dose of a single one too high. I believe there is some issue with b vitamins in that way when you mega dose certain ones.

    To OP, I didn't notice you posting anything about calcium, magnesium, and potassium. You should make sure you get some amount of micro minerals when you use higher doses of vitamins. Magnesium is something most people never get enough of through regular diet.
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