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Which expert do I see? Need opinions, please!

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by EMilo, May 27, 2013.

  1. EMilo


    Seattle, WA
    Hi Sabrina,

    Thanks for the link ~ I had not heard of this doctor before... HOWEVER, she costs $400/hour and I've had no income for a year and am just waiting for my savings to run out before I'm on the streets... How do people afford these doctors??

    I know all specialists are going to cost, I guess that's why I would risk spending the last of my money on someone I have read a lot about rather than someone who may not help at all... :cry:
  2. rebar

    rebar Senior Member

    The ones that really matter are the diagnostic ones that can led to treatment.
    an immune panel that can clearly show deficiency and a good viral panel which can show if any are active.
    The blood work I did 4 months ago showed I am dealing with both, immune deficiency and reactivated EBV and HV6.
    This led to my doctor prescribing hizentra, and I will probably start an antiviral, (again). My immune panel function was sufficiently low for my insurance to cover the rather exorbitant cost.
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  3. Valentijn

    Valentijn Activity Level: 3


    My ND in Seattle has helped quite a bit by ordering labs - you can get them via LabCorps or Quest Diagnosits, etc, with a doctor ordering them (and an ND is a licenced doctor). He's also quite a bit cheaper than $400 since insurance companies usually don't cover NDs anyhow. I'm not completely sure (mom pays my doc bills), but I think it was something like $120 for the first visit lasting over an hour.

    Via the private testing companies you can get literally anything tested. Despite me getting ME in the Netherlands where Q-fever was an endemic cause of identical symptoms, no one bothered to test me for it here - yet I was able to get it tested in the US where Q-fever doesn't even really exist :p There are also labs like European Laboratory of Nutrients (they have a US location too) which do some more specialized/alternative testing.

    And something else you can do without any doctor is get genetic data tested. It's $99 for to test about one million genes. There's also at least one website for interpreting them in an ME/CFS-relevant manner (in addition to the health data provided by 23andme) based on your genetic results.
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  4. SanDiego#1

    SanDiego#1 SanDiego#1

    SouthEast USA

    Elizabeth- Just so you will know Cheney s $750.00 an hour 3 months ago. $10.00 a word for e-mail and $750.00
    for pc or e-mail.. $350.00 or $400.00 as far as I know is reg fee for these Specialists. Someone else may know of someone less expensive.

    My Best to you.

    San Diego #1

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