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Whatever happened to... research on SITH-1 protein made by HHV-6 in ME/CFS patients

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by Hip, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Whatever happened to... the new research on SITH-1 protein made by HHV-6?

    SITH-1 protein was found in many ME/CFS patients, but not at all in healthy controls. Cort's article of May 2008 on this SITH-1 protein is here.

    Dr Kazuhiro Kondo discovered this new SITH-1 protein made by HHV-6, and his work indicates that SITH-1 may cause the psychological symptoms (mood disorders) of ME/CFS, major depression, and bipolar disorder. SITH-1 significantly up-regulates intracellular calcium levels. Increase of calcium level in the brain tissue is generally considered the most important cause of psychological disorders.

    Kondo thinks that this disruptive SITH-1 protein is created under a special type of HHV-6 latency. Kondo's hypothesis is that HHV-6 has at least three forms of latency:

    Latency type I in healthy adults, where the virus is under control.
    Latency type II restricted reactivation (in astrocytes) is when SITH-1 is made and causes ME/CFS?
    Latency type III the normal virus reactivation.

    Kondo's hypothesis is that the restricted form of HHV-6 latency (latency type II) leads to ME/CFS.

    I have had a good look round online, but have not found all that many updates on this seemingly very significant research by Dr Kondo. Here's all I found:

    March 2010, a patent was filed:
    September 2010, Dr Kazuhiro Kondo gave a presentation in Japan:
    Identification of a novel HHV-6 latent-protein associated with CFS and mood disorders.

    This line of inquiry into SITH-1 seem to be fairly low key, in spite of its apparent groundbreaking implications.

    Some more info on SITH-1:


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