New era for ME/CFS research as top cytokine study attracts media headlines
The immune systems of patients who have recently developed ME/CFS look markedly different from those who have been ill for much longer, according to a major new study from Drs. Ian Lipkin and Mady Hornig at Columbia University. This shift in immune function hadn’t been seen before.
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What is your current regime?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by xchocoholic, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Clear Light
    I have lived here a long time on and off. It is one row of detached houses surrounded by farmers fields- so the pesticide issue is ongoing.

    I dont know about moving practically. It would take me getting a large cash injection and expending a lot of effort getting tge house and garden ready. I havent succeeded in gettingceven the basics addressed for myself yet.

    But when the farmers used to spray with helicopters it was much worse, i think its been banned now. But the garden was covered thick with red powder...everything. It was like red snow. Cant have been good.

    My MCS consistently diminish when my health improves suggesting to me its a detox issue that is the cause...

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