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What is your current regime?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by xchocoholic, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. golden

    golden Senior Member

    Clear Light
    i missed ur question, sorry :)

    i just initiatlly threw in 'safe' bath yoga cos i didnt want to be responsible for anyone injuring themselves...

    but i was turning it into a ritual with awareness. i blessed the water. but it originated because i would insist i get into the bath when it was too hot for me lol

    then gentle posture stretches - have the added advantages of being able to rest limbs all over the place too... but i dont recommend anyone try it.

    i have had to stop baths over the years due to them just wiping me out. again its one of those changeable factors...

    i didnt get my further elybra treatment like i was supposed to.... instead i got a week and a half in bed from a really bad 'time of the month'. :( not my plan.

    'female essence' by jan de vries really took the edge off though...

    i am starting to build up again after my period trauma which knocked me for six.... but then got doused by pesticide from the farmer (i live in the centre of farmers fields).. and got even more pain and gland swelling. and that terrible roof itching in my mouth came back...

    my friend has been yelling at me all day and he is totally posessedr by full moon madness :(

    i think when i start to get on my feet again - the dynamics change ....

    feels a bit of a mess. but it will all sort itself out for the best :)

    current regime: don't know.
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  2. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic Senior Member

    oh ok. I get the safe yoga bath now. I was trying to envision this is a regular bathtub. lol.

    Hope you recover from the pesticide assault.

    I just returned from about 3 weeks in California. Everytime I go there I fantasize about moving there. Between the beautiful scenary and healthy food options it would be ideal for me.

    I crashed during my stay of course but I survived. My biggest crash symptoms are cognitive because my brain just doesn't work sometimes so I haven't found any solutions.

    I didn't sleep well when I was there so I slept 12 hours Wed and Thursday night. Something I obviously needed since I didn't use any extra sleep aids. I'm just waiting to get my brain back now. :)

    tc ... x

    ps. no change in regime other than exercising / walking more. I appear to be ok with gluten cc and additional carbs now. YAY! Trying not to get carried away but ...
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  3. golden

    golden Senior Member

    Clear Light
    xchocoholic -

    wow, california :) there are loads of places in the US i think would be magical to live in. can you not move there?

    i havent had a holiday in over 15 years lol :) i think last year a brief spell camping in my back garden was the best to be had.

    glad you getting rest. (and able to wslk more) my cognition is what bothers me the most. i havent found a solution for this either - palpation my toes - particularly the big toes with small thumb techniques to get all the crunchies out helps me a little - the tops of the toes correlates to the brain.

    what is gluten cc? its good to know its possible to recover from gluten probs. gluten has been a big problem for me - the NHS never bothered testing for coeliac and unfortunately even though the doctor criticised me in my notes for spotting i had a problem with wheat - i myself didnt spot gluten. pleased though finally to know.

    my bath tub is just a basic one - sorry to have not explained that well - i cant think.of the names but i do touching toes, can do shoulder stand when i havent filled it too deep and extend my legs back...

    kneeling pose extending my back backwards...
    lying on stomach possibly called cobra pose - cant hold positions but am building core strength and am improving slowly. its 'poor mans hot yoga' lol

    starting to get real windows of definite improvement. i but still fluctuating.
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  4. Thinktank

    Thinktank Senior Member

    Bangkok, Thailand
    Regimen, i have chronic lyme disease, IBD, asthma, etc.
    12 weeks IV ceftriaxone and IV azithromycin just completed so am now using:
    - 200mg doxycycline
    - 500mg clarithomycin
    - 25ng GcMAF subcutane injection once weekly
    - 2CC 4ME (nexavir) subcutane injection daily
    - 10mg hydroxyb12 intramusculair injection twice weekly
    - 1000mcg methylfolate on B12 IM injection days
    - Vitamin C (from sago palm)
    - Creon digestive enzymes with every large meal
    - VSL #3 probiotics, 450billion count, 1 sachet in the evening
    - Histame before high histamine-foods
    - DGL (when needed but had no discomfort in thepast 2 months)
    - Mangosteen extract (stabilize mast cells)
    - Potassium (when needed)
    - Omega 3 DHA/EPA
    - Primrose evening oil
    - SEAcure
    - Lactoferrin 250mg
    - Colostrum (with high IgG count)
    - Glucaplex
    - Creatine monohydrate pre-workout
    - Beef protein post-workout
    - Beef BCAA pre and intra-workout
    - Electrolyte mix intra and post-workout
    - Diazepam 4mg :( (but tapering-off)

    - Resistant starch
    - Prescript-assist probiotic
    - Vitamin E tocotrienols
    - Curcumin
    - lypo-spheric vitamin C
    - NAC (not sure if i should use it but it helps in a big way with detox)
    - Quercetin

    Trying out soon if my LLMD agrees with it:
    - B-complex (swanson's)
    - N-butyrate
    - High quality reservatrol
    - Various probiotics which i lack based on PCR DNA stool test
    - Pinella
    - Ashwaganda
    - Adrenal cortex
    - lypo-spheric glutathione or IV glutathione
    - stinging nettle leaf

    - Mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment
    - Infrared sauna

    Ofcourse diet, paleo-"ish" but with safe starches in moderate amounts. Gluten-free, dairy free,avoiding IgG and IgE foods i'm intolerant to, low histamine and avoiding mast cell triggering food.

    I'm able again to exercise since starting the core regimen prescribed by my LLMD to treat my hronic lyme disease!
    I've always noticed that my symptoms improve after a few weeks of high intensity cardio and HIIT weight lifting so i'm doing that as well, slowly building up.

    Ofcourse i've added a few of supplements myself and keep trialing others.
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  5. abporter


    Austin, TX
    I have chronic Lyme. Can you tell me what HllT weight lifting is? I've just been able to start lifting weights after 8 weeks of 100ng/wk of GcMAF. I've been trying to keep my heart rate under my anaerobic threshold of 110 and doing higher reps of lower weights. Yesterday, I also just started 2cc/day of Nexavir and have been very sleepy since then. I will start 10mg of HydroxoB12 soon, twice per week. As well as IV antibiotics, azithromycin and rocephin.
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  6. golden

    golden Senior Member

    Clear Light
    I am day 2 of 'mostly raw vegan'. My body was crying out for it. Could be triggered by the hot weather.

    had a detox - took Homeopathic Arnica 30c. Mantra for a couple of hours was: Oh God, help me...Oh God, help me... lol my dogs and cats were laughing at me :)

    A few days ago I took Ledum 30c. (edit 200c) took this successfully last year after i stood on a rusty nail, to prevent tetanus. I got t a good calm from it again.

    I am scared of the 1M remedies - but it turns out tp be a lyme remedy too since lyme testing is unreliable - and i am getting positive result from arnica n ledum (from the same groups apparently)

    i am going to try and gain the courage to try Ledum 1 M and the nosode... will ask a homeopathic doctor for some reassurances first i think. :)

    Last edited: Apr 19, 2014
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  7. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic Senior Member

    "Oh God, help me" .... lol. Hopefully you won't need that mantra again.

    My brain is still fried so that's as far as I got. I'm in post vacation re-stock everything mode tho.

    I'm not up on Lyme treatments. Good to hear success stories tho.

    All my attempts to recover strength have been halted due to increased cognitive impairment. I begin using the wrong words, slurring my words and have trouble speaking constantly. My brain was the first to go when I got cfs and works best if I rest a lot.

    tc .. x
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  8. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic Senior Member

    I ate gluten yesterday and lived to talk about it. ;)

    I bought some cookies I thought were gf.
    The first bite tasted soooo good that I was thinking "uh oh. This must have butter in it. "

    The second bite was even better. Then it hit me. Why am I not tasting rice flour?

    At that point I pulled my car over so I could read the ingredients. :0 Yikes.

    So I panicked for a few seconds. Took 2 Enzymedica spectrum and 2 Glutenease.

    Pulled out my emergency Klonopin just in case.

    Sat my phone close just in case.

    Then drove to my destination. Upon arrival, I raced to the bathroom. Just in case you know what happened.

    And nothing ever happened. LOL.

    Granted I only ate 2 bites but that's more gluten than I've eaten in 8 years.

    The moral of the story ... Don't freak out over what might happen.

    Have a great day ! X
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  9. golden

    golden Senior Member

    Clear Light
    Oh no! A 'Keep calm and Panic' moment.

    So glad it was OK.

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  10. horcrux


    My gosh! Just reading that makes me need to lie down for a while...not that I wasn't lying down already! =P

    Thank you for sharing this. I can't offer any insight as I'm pretty new to this -2.5 years and going steady! Lol
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