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What does sore throat feel like?

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by matthewspuzzle, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. matthewspuzzle


    That sounds like a silly question, but I get a sore "neck" not exactly throat. The inside of my throats does not hurt, not like getting a cold or strep throat. Instead it is this pain in the front of my neck, but not muscular. It feels like there is pain in the actual structures of my neck. I don't think that makes much sense but I can't explain it better. The pain makes me feel like my throats is closing and it is hard to talk. Worse if I'm upset. Is this typical?
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  2. Neunistiva

    Neunistiva Senior Member

    I get very severe sore throats often. It feels like I swallowed sandpaper and it damaged the lining on the way down.

    Every breath and every swallow hurts tremendously, especially swallowing liquid, but I don't feel any pain in the neck. Also, sore throat should be visible by the naked eye. My GP can see the redness.

    I'm just guessing here, but maybe you have swollen nodes and that's what hurts?
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  3. Skippa

    Skippa Anti-BS

    I get that sometimes.

    I attribute it to one (or more) of the sets of glands playing up... google some images of the head and neck lymph nodes, normally there is an exact match in terms of location. By lightly pressing the area I can often feel them hurting and perhaps slightly swollen.
  4. lauluce

    lauluce as long as you manage to stay alive, there's hope

    I don't find that silly at all... we have so many symptoms that we start to wonder if the way we experience common health problems or even normal bodily issues is normal... I have many times asked others how a cold or a flu feels like and this very morning I was asking myself if everyone feels so extremely sleepy when they wake up. Back when I was a child I used to have sore throats as often as everyone else, and when I did, the front part of my neck started to itch and/or hurt. Don't know if that helps

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