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What data/metadata do we have regarding ME/CFS? (create new software)

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by cfs_ebv_hiphop, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. cfs_ebv_hiphop



    I was just wondering, we all here "suspect" we have ME/CFS, at least have 1 or more symptoms in common, I see the level of severity varies from person to person, I was thinking that if we want to do serious research on this topic it might be useful to gather some data that might help researchers get a better understanding on what is going on with us, so what I want to know is this:

    Are there any big database/system collecting data from all of us that share the same symptoms?

    If not are there any software developers here willing to contribute to create a platform to collect data from us?
    I think this way we might be able to get some ideas or what really help and what doesn't

    If we currently don't have a system like what I have in mind, I think anyone could contribute with new ideas for the software and we can all use our knowledge to cure ourselves.

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  2. lnester7

    lnester7 Seven

    I have a great design in mind, Is the first thing I thought of doing as I got sick,
    I am just too busy to develop but I can assist on analysis / design, is my forte anyways.

    There are a few software's for ME from some university, and some other independent apps that do the job,. but I can give you what I have if you are interested let me know.
  3. mariovitali

    mariovitali Senior Member

    Hi there @cfs_ebv_hiphop ,

    I developed a system that uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to identify what is behind Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and other syndromes such as Post-Finasteride Syndrome, Post-Accutane syndrome and more.

    In a nutshell : The software identifies Liver as the main source of problems

    I also developed a Python program that analyses 23andme data and predicts the severity of symptoms of these syndromes.

    Unfortunately no one has expressed interest...but things may be changing ;-) The great thing is that some people become symptom free within weeks and i am in the process of having a large enough group of people (say 50) that become symptom free so that Researchers may finally listen and take us seriously.

    See here for more :

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