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What causes EMF sensitivity?

Discussion in 'Hypersensitivity and Intolerance' started by CBS64, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Wifi123

    Wifi123 Senior Member

    Yes chemicals and mould do have an affect and they aggravate my symptoms, which I've had for forty-five years. To avoid chemicals I would have to knock down and destroy all the chemical producing things, and burn all the homes around that are full of mould. Then after that buy myself a tank and go around knocking down all the cell phone towers.

  2. Graeme

    Graeme almost there...

    I’d like to address an aspect of extreme avoidance that altered my EHS. Extreme avoidance is not something that one achieves easily, there are a number of obstacles that can trip you up. For instance when I was returning from my experiment in the desert I noticed for no particular reason that my EHS came back at some point in New Mexico. I hand’t changed anything in my van or in my diet, but by the time I was passing by Las Cruces I was speedy and reactive, eyes burning from the alternator or whatever it is in cars that gets me. I believe there is something to Lisa’s “locations effect” because I can’t deduce another satisfactory explanation for this happening.

    I could have gone my whole life without discovering this direct connection between extreme avoidance and EHS. Certainly there are other things that aggravate it, but to have eliminated my EHS symptoms completely by systematic avoidance of mold along with a change in location was definitive for me. All this is not to say the problem is purely environmental. I’ve good reason to believe my problem is microbial, genetic, and environmental and all these facets work off each other.
  3. Wifi123

    Wifi123 Senior Member

    Hi Graeme,

    I travelled around our western state, Western Australia, trying to find a safe haven, stacks of sand and wide open spaces. All the roads are covered by microwave, and towns, but you could go into areas of a “quiet-type zone”, but to live there you would live like our indigenous people, off the land, as the nearest supplies would 200-400 kilometres away. Probably get sick of eating kangaroo and goanna and witchetty grubs; and digging for water.

    I experience the same, and I discovered that in some areas where the microwave radiation was very obvious and brought other things to bear, there was a military zone in the area. They do use equipment and devices not known to the public that radiates on frequencies with a different set of principles and our electrosmogmetres doesn’t seem to pick it up. And I do notice that all the electronics and electrical on the car increase in radiation, which is beyond any comprehension and logic. There is once such military equipment that causes havoc around the world, and it’s called HAARP, and mini-HAARPS are located in most countries.

    I have also discovered that when a certain piece of military equipment is being used all the radiation in that area amplifies five-fold and I symptoms become severely extreme.

    To be able to embrace full avoidance is impossible in our area. Those secondary impingements of moulds, viral, bacterial, chemical, and others are the reason why EHS is aggravated further making it appears as CFS/ME/FMS.
  4. Womble


    1. What proof is there that myelin depletion is the cause of EMF sensitivity?

    2. If myelin is the key reason, how do you repair myelin?

    3. Didn't Lorenzo's Oil cure and repair myelin for a lot of kids who were suffering from a myelin related illness?

    4. Why would mythelation have anything to do with myelin, I didn't even think they were related topics.

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