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What can too much vitamin B2/K2 deplete?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Vordhosbn, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Vordhosbn


    Earlier this year I tried to cut back to the supplements I was feeling the most benefit from, namely B2 and K2.
    I gradually phased out other things and also got sent a higher dose of B2 than I wanted, but took it anyway (50mg, 3-4 times per day) and was taking up to 45mg of K2 split across the day.

    When I tried to reintroduce other minerals I had lost all tolerance for them; couldn't even titrate up from crumbs.

    Recently I tried a mineral supplement that contained 3mg of boron, and suddenly I was able to tolerate the other minerals with virtually no problems... I have read B2 and boron can deplete one another. This boron supplement has been sat in my cupboard for months and I was too scared to try it!

    Things aren't quite fixed yet, but I feel like I'm on to something. I have been taking a fancy B complex, so hopefully that is covered. Does anyone know what other vitamins and minerals might be depleted by too-high doses of B2 or K2?

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  2. Asklipia

    Asklipia Senior Member

    I was told that K2 uses up Vitamin D and A. But when I took D3 as a supplement, I did not feel as well as without taking it. I never took any vitamin A because I eat a lot of ghee, and liver once a week.
    I found that I need vitamin D from light, which is consistent too with the activation of B2 by light.

    All this (and boron too) is in a relationship with the use of calcium, which goes all wrong when there is inflammation.
    I too was tremendously helped by B2 and K2. So much that now I do not supplement with anything anymore.
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