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what are the symptoms of adrenal stress?

Discussion in 'Adrenal Dysfunction' started by calogero, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. calogero


    Hello everyone , I'm sorry for my English , I am a man 24yo Italian , since I was a child I have symptoms such as fatigue , excessive shyness , anxiety and paranoids , and I always had a strange and very slow metabolism . when I was 17 I had mononucleosis , and for many years I have had the typical symptoms of chronic fatigue ( hyperhidrosis , hypersomnia , the general fear , excessive anxiety , memory lapses , difficulty concentrating , frequentely urination , bowel movement frequentely , etc. ) ,
    but doing physical activity many symptoms decreased , but other symptoms have become very strong, in the last two years I have suffered from symptoms such as uncontrollable anxiety , social phobia , hyperactivity of the brain , I feel electric , excessive nervousness , fear general , memory lapses and no concentration , dizziness , restless sleep , muscle catabolism and increase fat (I have the physics of an old man ) no force , hyperphagia , hair loss .
    I did a lot of testing and analysis , and I went to many doctors , but they never found nothing abnormal .
    So two months ago I discovered ASI test and I did it, I have attach my result,
    I have many doubts , I hope someone help me understand why this happens to me,
    can a deficiency of DHEA cause all these symptoms ?
    or even the lack of DHEA is a symptom of something I have yet to discover ?
    tanks a lot

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