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Weight Loss

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by xlynx, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Carter Burke

    Carter Burke Guest

    Good to hear a few more people trying BCAAs! I take them in power form - very cheap. But I think it's an important deficiency in CFS. Has helped muscle issues a lot over the months too - although it's not a quick-fix.

    I'd also recommend L-Glutamine. Some sports supplements combine BCAAs and Glutamine. It's another common deficiency in CFS, and one of the most abundant amino acids in muscle. Also think it might be very good for CFS because it's fuel for the immune system and repairs leaky guts.

    About 10-15g L-Glutamine and 10g BCAA/day - in between meals, but with some carbs - has been one of the best additions to my (lengthy) supplement program.
  2. Suzy

    Suzy Guest

    So you do have digestive issues CArter.... I had thought upon reading your initital posts you did not. So, you think your Myhill protocol and Rich's protocol helped get rid of the digestive issues ?

  3. Carter Burke

    Carter Burke Guest


    Yeah I suppose I just thought of them as general/background symptoms. I've certainly always had things which I've worried about more.. I think the digestive issues have got better very gradually over maybe a few years, so it's hard to tell what's made the difference.

    Diet's probably a big factor: I've been on a candida-like diet for years (no sugar/yeast), been off dairy since I was about 12, more recently wheat/gluten-free, and then very recently low lectin. Also avoided alcohol for a long time. (Although I'm back to a few drinks at weekends now as I seem to be able to handle it okay.)

    I've also had short phases of taking coconut oil, caprylic acid, oregano oil, olive leaf extract and VSL#3. Also had phases of taking Betaine HCL and digestive enzymes. I think the hyperventilation treatment may have helped too.

    I think the supplements on Myhill and Rich's protocol have made a biggestl difference to my health in general though. It's very difficult to say whether they've had a direct effect on digestive issues, although I'm fairly positive the L-Glutamine has.
  4. Carter Burke

    Carter Burke Guest

    I just realised last night, I think stress reduction might have had the biggest effect on my digestive symptoms.

    If it is a sliding hiatal hernia, stress/anxiety can make the stomach ascend and set ALL of these problems in place: poor digestion, underproduction of stomach acid, vagus nerve problems, asthma-like symptoms, crowding the heart space, etc.

    My stress/reactivity's gone right down since being on supplements and sticking with buteyko. I also think getting my mitochondrial function tested did a lot for me because it stopped me worrying about symptoms - I think in the back of my mind, not having a solid CFS diagnosis, I'd always worry that symptoms may be caused by something more "serious". Since getting those results, I've felt very relaxed, knowing what to do to get myself well.
  5. Suzy

    Suzy Guest

    mito test

    I can understand that. I am hoping to get many Acumen tests done including hte mito end of this month. I can hardly wait.

  6. silicon

    silicon Senior Member

    I appreciate hearing about all of you guys’ experiences and perspectives. I have been underweight all my life (my Mom said it started with some sort of viral infection at age 5 or 6), and it’s getting slowly worse, especially as I find myself needing to eat more narrowly over time. Anyone would lose weight on my diet, which essentially consists of chicken, vegetables, salad greens and fruit, and is quite bland, due to my food sensitivities (to oils, sweets, dairy, condiments, etc.). I seemed to have fewer problems when I cut out grains and starches, although I am introducing some brown rice and potatoes back into my diet in the hope of gaining some weight (although I am ambivalent since I wonder how the carbs may interact with my alleged “leaky gut”). I am also introducing some white fish (hopefully with minimal mercury). I recently added goat milk kefir (apparently a Cheney recommendation), and am thrilled that I can tolerate it, as it’s the first dairy product I’ve been able to take in many years. Digestive enzymes seem to be essential (doesn't seem to matter which product), as are probiotics (I think it’s good when these are enteric-coated). I take (boiled) Chinese herbs from an herbalist, which help somewhat (I have relied on Chinese medicine a lot over the years).

    I started taking small doses of Creatine recently, and will attempt L-Glutamine and BCAAs, as recommended in this thread (both of which I had taken in the late 90s, but not in a concerted way, and I think merit another look). I’m even started taking some HCL, although I’ve tried that many times in the past and never noticed a thing.
  7. Hysterical Woman

    Hysterical Woman Senior Member

    East Coast
    Hi Dave,

    I see you posted some information about your diet here. Glad to hear that you can tolerate the goat milk kefir. I haven't tried it yet, but want to. Do you use a particular brand of probiotics? Also, when you say anyone would lose weight on your diet do you believe that is because of what you eat or the small volume that you eat?

    Take care,



    I found your posting on the what supplements do you take thread - thanks

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