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Weight loss and no appetite...

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by flower, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. aprilk1869

    aprilk1869 Senior Member

    Scotland, UK
    Please look into vitamin b12. Vets routinely inject animals with b12 to boost their appetite. I know because this is what happened to my dog. She hardly ate anything and when she did it would just come back up. The following day after her injection her appetite went through the roof although it tapered off over the week. Eventually the injections were hurting her and the vet said it would be best to discontinue. She went downhill after that, developed foot drop and ataxia and had to be put to sleep. Towards the end of her life, she refused to eat any meat but would eat vegetables and vegetarian Quorn sausages and fillets. At the time I had absolutely no idea why she but seemingly this is what happens when you're b12 deficient. Meat becomes too difficult to digest.

    Cobalamin may also have a pharmacologic effect as an appetite stimulant. Anorectic feline patients with cobalamin deficiency often start to eat again once they are being supplemented and appetite wanes once again when cobalamin is no longer administered weekly, despite a normal serum cobalamin concentration. In these patients cobalamin supplementation should be continued on a weekly or biweekly dosing schedule.

  2. lookinglass

    lookinglass Senior Member

    "Eating for IBS" by Heather Van Vorous, available on Amazon.com. Also her website www.helpforibs.com A brilliant book for those with IBS or just nausea and loss of weight problems. There is even a section in it called "What to eat when you cant eat anything"!! It got me through the first year of huge weight loss. Sliced bananas on toast with honey as my staple food at one time. Eaten very slowly. You must eat and you will get through this phase and start to get better soon.
  3. flower


    given that i live in NZ and its summer im thinking now surely it cant be low seratonin too now. had no sleep again and woke up feeling very sick again. maybe its too much sunshine...ive had all my vitamin levels D etc all tested and they were all within range. beginning to think my body must be very stressed from lack of food, sleep and low oestrogen cos of menopause. its a vicious circle but i feel like im fading away and trying to stop it with no success.
  4. Calathea

    Calathea Senior Member

    How much time do you spend outdoors?
  5. flower


    i try to sit outside for 20 mins a day when its sunny. our house get s the sun all day but i often find that too much bright lights give me aheadache even with sunglasses outside. im at my wits end today as i feel quite retched with no sleep again and could only nibble on taost this morning.
  6. rydra_wong

    rydra_wong Guest

    I lost 20 pounds w/o even trying at age 50. It is when your hormones fall off the edge of the universe. Estrogen increases the half life of copper. So you will likely find yourself low copper if you get a hair analysis. at www.ithyroid.com John Johnson reports that his board of hyperthyroid folks found that low copper was linked to hyperthyroid and that copper appears to be needed to shut the thyroid off. You may be subclinically (or outright) hyperthyroid. If that is the case, consider supplementing with copper (I just make sure to pick a multi with copper and I use a skin product which is just copper water from skinbiology.com). Serum copper is not indicative (at all) of copper status. The body robs copper from needed sites to put in the blood in the case of anything it finds objectionable as copper is a poison (Charles Weber theorized that this evolved to help protect the species against bubonic plague and the like). So serum copper levels change based on hormones, laxative use, inflammation, and many, many other things. Copper is needed for cross-linking of collagen to make thick and strong skin, such as the skin of blood vessels (low copper results in aneurism eventually if not corrected). In the event of hyperthyroid the thyroid rips through carnitine and CoQ10 at a fast rate and supplementing these in hefy doses can prevent the muscle wasting caused by the problem. Also selenium is important as an antioxidant against autoimmune.

    But there are other conditions that cause loss of weight due to loss of appetite. I would look for a new doctor. Good luck.

  7. Googsta

    Googsta Doing Well

    Hi Flower

    I haven't had a chance to read the whole thread so forgive me if these things have been mentioned. I think being menopausal is also of serious concern, have you been tested for your bone density?

    The first year I was sick I lost 20kg in a single month, I just couldn't stomach food & also dehydrated requiring hospitilisation twice. I sympathize with your ED experiences, doctors interrogated me thinking I was taking drugs etc.
    I eventually found I could manage Milo in Lactose Free Milk in small sips. Sustagen Hospital Formula is also great depending how much lactose one can tolerate, that way you get some vitamins & minerals without having to stomach pills etc.

    There is a highly rated Menopause support tablet called Remifemen that you may want to consider. Many women report better sleep & no hot flashes.
    All the best in finding your appetite.

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