International ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day Is On May 12, 2018
Thomas Hennessy, Jr., selected May 12th to be our international awareness day back in 1992. He knew that May 12th had also been the birthday of Florence Nightingale. She was the English army nurse who helped to found the Red Cross as well as the first school of nursing in the world.
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Week 12 of Valcyte

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by undcvr, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. heapsreal

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    australia (brisbane)
    Do u think u may have over done things while feeling so good? Its hard to take it easy when your feeling good. It would be nice to have a gauge that could tell us when to ease back. I have cut out the exercise the last 2 weeks and taking it easy, I get a feeling of lethargy that tells me to stop but it would be nice to know before this hits. Im on holidays at the moment and was hoping to exercise some before going back to work, but need to go back and rethink an exercise routine. But when your feeling good its hard not to increase work load

    Take care,
  2. undcvr

    undcvr Senior Member

    I am not sure whether I have overdone things but like you said it is hard to judge when you have and how to stop. Another thing that also concerns me is that I am still sneezing every morning when I wake up. I dont know how to make that go away. Usually that still indicates an infection that is going to come about. So even though the Valcyte is completely working I am still bothered by this sneeze. I would sneeze every morning when I first wake up for over a few years now.
  3. Timaca

    Timaca Senior Member

    Maybe you are allergic to something in your bedroom??? What kind of pillow do you have? How long have you had it? Do you wash it? Consider that and other possibilities if the morning is the only time you sneeze....

    Best, Timaca

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