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Waking up prematurily

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by Marky90, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Marky90

    Marky90 Science breeds knowledge, opinion breeds ignorance

    Hey guys :)

    Was hoping someone could chime in..

    On sunday i decided to change my sleep pattern, so i stayed up as long as i could, and essentially went to bed 12 hours earlier than usual:p In the following days i wake up after 2-3 hours, thinking ive slept a whole night, regardless of how sleepy i am.

    Has anyone experienced something similar with some tips? Have i compromised my circadian rhythm or something? Not had this problem before

  2. Learner1

    Learner1 Professional Patient

    Pacific Northwest
    For normal.people, it usually takes a few days to adjust. If you don't, you could try helping it along with something like theanine, GABA, or phosphatidyl serine.
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