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Waking up every hour....or not falling asleep at all after major crash

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by soxfan, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic Senior Member

    I just woke up from pain tonight. I washed quite a few hand washables so I expected the pain. My stomach isn't happy either tho.

    I can typically get back to sleep nowadays by taking more klonopin, melatonin and 5htp . Just minimal doses tho. Like 1/2 of a .125 mg klonopin, .3 mg (1/3 of a 1 mg tablet) melatonin and 10 mg 5htp.

    I needed a lot more until last year. In 2006-7 ? When I started taking sleep supplements, on a bad night I needed 9 mg mel, 300 mg 5htp and 300 mg theanine. I was a mess the next day. Lol.

    Natural Factors has a supplement with these 3 combined so I suspect it's a good combo. The doses in this aren't right for me tho. The melatonin and 5Htp are chemicals our body's need for sleep.

    Nowadays, the smaller doses will put me to sleep again in about 30 minutes but not make me drowsy tomorrow. Kow. Fwiw I'm chewing them so they get absorbed in my mouth. This works better for me.

    I never responded well to meditation either because my mind won't stop racing. I could recite 1000 mantras and still new ideas would pop into my head.

    I found relaxing classical music and low key videos helpful. I bought a cd called the most relaxing classical music.

    Good night. Hopefully ? X
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  2. soxfan

    soxfan Senior Member

    North Carolina
    I am sleeping better once again...not great and still waking up 3-4 times but at least I am falling back to sleep within a reasonable amount of time. I am sure now it somehow had something to do with that crash.

    I am still going to look into some type of meditation practice but since it is very difficult for me to stay still it will be a challenge. I typically try to keep going during the day because once I sit I am done for and then get even more tired. I only rest around 3pm when I actually lay down in a dark room.

    I can't take anything other than the .025 of Klonopin. I have tried melatonin and 5HTP and neither helped. It just really made me feel strange. I am just going to keep on what I have been taking for 2 years now and not screw with my brain chemistry because it is already a mess....
  3. redrachel76

    redrachel76 Senior Member

    How did you manage to take just 10mg 5-htp?
    What brand is it?
    I only see massive doses of 200mg and 100mg on sale on iherb. I am too scared to take them with my Seroxat/Paxil 10mg.
    A small dose like you are taking sounds nice and safe to try. Please let me know the brand, if you can.
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  4. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic Senior Member

    I take Natural Factors ( NF) 50 mg tablets, break it in half, bite off what I want and let it dissolve in my mouth. I'm taking several meds and supplements this way.

    NF is the only brand I found that works for me. I don't remember the names of the other 2 5htp that I tried but they were useless.

    Btw. I took too much the first time I tried this. It was either 50 or 100 mg. So I slowly built up my dose up to 300 mg if needed because I wasn't sleeping and read that this chemical and melatonin are required for sleep.

    Typical dose was 3-5 mg mel, 100 mg 5htp and 100 mg theanine. I traded out theanine for klonopin a couple of years ago because it works better on my myoclonus.

    Last year I noticed that I was feeling sleepy during the day and weaned myself of the higher doses down to just what I need for sleep. So far so good. Kow.

    I also take Natural Calm for constipation and 1/4tsp of Children's benadryl at bedtime. I can't sleep by taking these alone but maybe they help too.

    Tc .. x
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  5. CFS_for_19_years

    CFS_for_19_years Hoarder of biscuits

    FWIW, I have fallen asleep to music playing in a portable CD player with headphones. When I wake up in the middle of the night or morning, the music is no longer playing, but my headphones are still on my head. I started off with all sorts of soft music, then one night I played some 1980's hard rock (Journey) and still fell asleep, so maybe the choice of music isn't as important as one might think. Perhaps the distraction is all that's needed. I've found for me that I just need to like the music.
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