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Vitastiq App for monitoring our Vitamin Levels

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by ChrisD, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. ChrisD

    ChrisD Senior Member

    East Sussex
    A friend has just shown me this mobile phone app called 'Vitastiq' that claims to be able to take approximate Vitamin and nutrient readings from the body via a stick device that you place on the skin (can't quite work out how the tech works?!).

    Organic acids tests are incredibly expensive, so could a daily check of vitamin levels be useful for targeted supplementation and help us to manage our symptoms better?
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  2. Oberon

    Oberon Senior Member

    Thank you for sharing, looks interesting but I would wait a few years as they're supposed to be completing a study in 2017 comparing results to blood work (probably very very biased, but at least it's something.) The concept of how it works does not make any sense to me from my very basic scientific understanding.

    Here's a negative review:

    I think this may be one of those things that we all wish existed but probably won't work very well.
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  3. adreno

    adreno PR activist

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