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Vitamin E deficiency?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by PeeWee, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. PeeWee


    Elle just received the results of a recent Vitamin E test which indicates her Delta & Gamma levels are low:

    Delta-tocopherol 43.5 nmol/l Reference range 120 - 350
    Gamma-tocopherol 1.6 umol/l Reference range 2.0 - 8.5
    Alpha-tocopherol 47.3 umol/l Reference range 25 - 60 (there's Alpha-tocopherol in a supplement she takes).

    It doesn't seem to be possible to search forum posts for Vitamin E, as the results ignore the 'word' E! Does anyone know more about what Elle's results might mean and whether Vitamin E deficiencies are often found in the cfs mix of symptoms?

    Elle has lost weight slowly & steadily for well over a year despite eating more & more (& well over 2,000 calories / day for some time). It seems Vit E deficiency can be a result of fat malabsorbtion. Have other people experienced Vit E deficiency, with or without weight loss?

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