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vitamin d intolerant and other problems, would appreciate any advice

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by cotedor, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. place

    place Be Strong!

    Cote'dor, don't have any advice but love the name. I remember that name as Belgium chocolate brand, supper market kind. But I loved it, always restocked my chocolate reserves each year with a lot of their stuff.
  2. Asklipia

    Asklipia Senior Member

    Cotedor, I am sorry you are experiencing all these problems.
    I don't know if you are aware that vitamin D problems can be a consequence of a vitamin K deficiency.
    Antibiotics induce vitamin K deficiency.
    Take a look at this :
    and the rest of that thread. Also I wrote a few posts on the vitamin K thread :
    Be well!
    Lots of good wishes,
    :devil: FFP :devil:
  3. bedman


    I too do not tolerate Vitamin D anymore, not even 500 IU. Some time ago 3000 IU were no problem. Sunlight is fine, so it must indeed be a reaction of the digestive system. Im thinking about a topical supplementaion (if there is any).
  4. Rachel B

    Rachel B

    Cotedor, I can see this is a very old string, but I found it when I was googling the topic. I have many similar issues and wonder if you are still having them. I see a doctor (Alexander Shikhman) in San Diego who is an MD, a rheumatologist, and can really think outside the box on things like this. He has been very helpful for me and has a grasp on this that is excellent. If you are still having these issues, I would strongly recommend that you see him. If you don't live nearby, perhaps you should consider some medical tourism.
  5. bart32


    I am also experiencing severe fat loss. I was diagnosed with CFS 9 years ago. After a few years I got better, although I never fully recovered. In February-March thus year suddenly everything got worse again. I got some skin boils, which seems to be due to a streptococcus infection (elevated ASO titer 800). It was treated with antibiotics but a few weeks later the boils came back. And in a few days I lost a lot of subcutaneous fat, throughout my entire body (face, arms, palms and fingers, trunk, buttocks, legs, feet soles, literally everywhere). Also lost weight, but that came back. The fat however did not. And there seems to be some fat redistribution now, to breasts and abdomen. Blood tests don't reveal any auto immune problems. All values normal except for vitamin D which was first at 15. I took supplements for 1 month and then it was at 30. Uric acid slightly elevated. Besides that troubling glucose level, which puts me suddenly in a prediabetic state (I never had any problems with that, this might be connected to the fat loss). My doctor has never seen anything like this. He has referred me to an immunologist who I will see in a week. I did some research myself, the only thing that's seems plausible for now is Lawrence-Seip syndrome, which is acquired general lipodistrophy. Although very rare, it seems to be the only condition matching what I am experiencing now. Feeling depressed and overwhelmed by this sudden and complete change in life....
  6. sick2long



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