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Video / slideshow about CFIDS/ME

Discussion in 'Advocacy Projects' started by thefreeprisoner, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. I had this idea for a script for a video / slideshow about CFIDS/ME that could be used in an advocacy campaign.
    Just needs somebody to find some good images / stock video or film to go with each line (if there is anybody here who's got the energy) perhaps using Animoto although it might be a bit too fast-moving for this purpose. Here goes:

    30 years ago, I was put in prison.
    I was innocent of any crime.
    There was no trial, and no lawyer to speak for me.
    I live in solitary confinement.
    My cell is dark and measures 10'x10'.
    I am in constant pain.
    After a couple of years, my friends and relatives stopped visiting.
    They said I should start telling the truth and I would be set free.
    So did the Government.
    But I cannot speak.

    My prison is CFIDS.

    You can help me.

    (I'm providing this to the community under a Creative Commons license... feel free to reuse without attribution.)
  2. Hi Rachel, good idea. I like the words you used.
    Are you aiming for an American audience? CFIDS is an American term, a good term though addmitedly.

    First of all, how long does your video last?
    It is spoken maybe, if so for how long? 1 minute, or 10 minutes?

    If 10 minutes you'd need lots of versions of your little speech idea.
    Is this what you wanted? Or do you want to 'pan out' your text with images
    and try and make it, maybe around 3 minutes or so long?

    Have you seen the CFIDS Association clip on youtube.
    I thought if was good, could of been a bit 'harder' but they're aiming for middle ground.

    Is this the sort of thing you're after maybe?

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