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Video of Virus in Action Shows Viruses Can Spread Faster Than Thought Possible

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by _Kim_, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

    This study comes from the virology department at Imperial College AND it got published in Science. See, it can be done.

    The researchers think that this discovery may explain why some viruses - especially the Human Herpes Viruses - replicate more quickly than expected. The podcast and movies are very informative. Take a look (links below).

    ScienceDaily (Feb. 5, 2010) — New video footage of a virus infecting cells is challenging what researchers have long believed about how viruses spread, suggesting that scientists may be able to create new drugs to tackle some viruses.

    I don't have full text access, but here is the abstract:

    Repulsion of Superinfecting Virions: A Mechanism for Rapid Virus Spread. Virginie Doceul, Michael Hollinshead, Lonneke van der Linden, Geoffrey L. Smith

    Here is a podcast interview with the lead Author Geoffrey L. Smith

    And the supplementary material that contains the videos:

    Also in this issue is an editorial about this article: Greedy Virus Helps Spread Disease. Sverker Lundin

  2. Chris

    Chris Senior Member

    Victoria, BC
    Kim--many thanks for digging this fascinating item up! As someone said somewhere, "we underestimate viruses"--indeed! Chris
  3. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

    Yeah Chris. This is fascinating stuff. And I'm diggin' the whole audio-visual thing. Those movies are way cool!

    If anyone DOES have full text access, I really would like to read the whole enchilada. Anyone? Anyone?

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