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Very Sensitive to Mitochondrial Supplements. Why?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Sherpa, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. fngrpntr


    Second thought. Was your energy normal before this all began? I trace my illness back to a couple of major "flu" episodes in my 30's. Based upon response to treatment, and some blood work showing past infections, I am, after 30 years of slowly declining health & energy, actually recovering with high-dose Valtrex & various antibiotics. Herbal protocols (search Buhner and Zhang for these) have also helped, although after a year on herbs I developed allergies to them.

    This might or might not make sense for you. Along with declining energy, I had frequent flu-like flare-ups which now appear to have been infections, since they have disappeared with treatment. But if I were you, I wouldn't rule out infections even without flare-ups. It could be that your immune system is still strong enough to keep an infection sub-clinical, but using up your energy.

    The easiest way to test this theory would be to just try some herbal remedies. If you herx (get briefly ill from them before getting better), or simply begin to feel better, then you'll have your answer.

    I used to be much more intolerant to all the "stimulating" fixes that you have talked about before I got onto these antimicrobrial protocols. It could be that the stimulating supplements were also feeding my infections---thus the reason for feeling better and then crashing. But now that I've been treating the infections for a few years (don't be frightened by this, I was much sicker than you are), I am able to handle the energizing supplements again.
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  2. fngrpntr


    One more: I like this doctor as a resource for theory about energy dysfunction. Here is her post on the methylation cycle--a good overview:

    Also, she just wrote a book about mitochondrial disfunction. Of all the CFS docs, she is the one specifically researching energy production, and has developed testing protocols to figure it out.

    "Diagnosing and treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: its mitochondria, not hypochondria"
    by Sarah Myhill
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  3. Sherpa

    Sherpa Ex-workaholic & adrenaline junkie

    South Florida, USA
    Great you are getting energy!

    I do eat red meat now but I was vegaterian / vegan (terrible idea) for 15 years.

    My serum tests show my ferritin and B12 levels as "normal" but I am responding well to B12.

    I am taking just the Enzymatic "Energy Revitalization System" (with 500mcg of and it is really helping me)
  4. Aerose91

    Aerose91 Senior Member

    Hey @Sherpa not sure if you remember me but we have spoken a bunch of times on the CureZone boards when I had adrenal fatigue as well. I ended up taking phosphatidylserine and it messed me up something terrible, ultimately ended up being M.E., I have been declining rapidly since then.

    Anyway, being someone who was in the AF boat (still is) with you and now learning about this disease maybe i can give you some insight. I would definitely say you don't have CFS/ME which is an EXCELLENT thing. This disease is contrived from Satan himself. However, I feel like us AF people never heard anything about methylation but that could have been a huge help. I did the 23andme test and upon seeing my genetic mutations had one of those "aha, so this is why I'm as bad as I am" moments. Unfortunately it's a bit too late for me but I bet you would find some great benefit from seeing these results and then you would know exactly what to work on to get your detoxing back into full gear.

    Another thing you may want to look into is phosphatidycholine. A lot of people with fatigue syndromes have great success with this and I'm currently working.with a doctor who is a big supporter of this therapy. The quick and ugly run down is that toxins and oxidative stress and restrictive diets wear down your mitochondria and cellular membranes which blocks some of the Krebs Cycle functions therefore impairing energy production. Replacing the raw materials will allow you to regenerate and get everything up and running again.

    Methylation is complicated and trial and error it seems so you may benefit from trying the PC first and seeing how well that reduces your symptoms and causes less sensitivity to methylation supplements. You're on the home stretch man and I'm sure once you get this last piece of the puzzle in place you will be back to vibrant health you once had and the AF monster will be behind you.
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  5. dannybex

    dannybex Senior Member

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  6. stevesayshi


    I strongly recommend C60 in olive oil for the symptoms you describe. It is a super-antioxidant among other things. There are a few sites that sell it. Dosing is. .. pretty much unknown at this point. Lots of testimonials on longecity.org forums.

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