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VDR Taq alleles

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by dbkita, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. dbkita

    dbkita Senior Member

    So I recently got my 23andMe results and used Genetic Genie to convert them to the Yasko panel. I will post my results in another thread at some point.

    My question though is as follows.

    For the VDR Taq SNP rs731236 I have the AA homozygote combination. According the Genetic Genie this is ++ in the Yasko notation.

    But when I look here:

    The reference is the A allele and the AA combination is greater than 50%!

    But according to Yasko this is the risk allele?

    I am confused. My questions is which allele leads to reduce dopamine production? The A or the G?​
    Anyone have any thoughts?​
  2. Sea

    Sea Senior Member

    NSW Australia
    It is confusing. According to this page on Yasko's methylation G is the risk allele.


    I still don't really understand this one. It seems that it is not really good or bad by itself but has effect in combination with COMT.

    As I am AG I am heterozygous so no help as to which one is the problem
  3. dbkita

    dbkita Senior Member

    According to Dr Yasko (and Genetic Genie) the AA allele is considered ++ and low dopamine (with higher methyl donor tolerance). So I am confused since the GG allele is only 8% or so of the population.

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