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upset after social workers visit.

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by taniaaust1, May 23, 2012.

  1. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    I had her visit again.. about a week or two now. I had my boyfriend present who wouldnt have put up with any bullshit from her and the whole appointment with her went well this time. She didnt even say anything bad like she did the first time. (I think she's slightly educated herself since our first meeting).

    One thing thou which has angered me some is that the org she wanted to help me as far as being able to socialise more goes.. turned out to be a org for mentally disabled people!! (she didnt tell me that at the time and I only found that out when I requested her to send me info out on it so saw that when it arrived in the post. I knocked back her just arranging a meeting between me and then and said I wanted info on them first).

    The Description of the org goes "PHaMs is an Australian Government initiative. It supports people whos ability to manage their daily activities is severly impared becomes of persistent mental illness".

    The only other comments the info page has on this org she wants me to put me onto is "Strengths based recovery approach" "Health Enducation and self management" supports partipants to work towards recovery of their mental illness. Supports participants to learn new skills that will allow them to better manage their daily activities, reconnect to their community, build self reliance and ahcnive their goals"

    So you probably see why i feel angry about this and that those with ME/CFS qualify to use this org. (according to my social worker).

    now what are i going to do about it?

    I would love to be able to get out more and meet people and make new friends, Ive lost all my friends due to being ill and not being able to visit cause i cant drive. That whole thing bothers me sometimes as I so wish I could get out and see my friends or have a chance to be making new ones in my town.

    Im not thou currently good enough to even be taken out to meet people right now esp due to the POTS and its taking all my spare activity level energy up, in just having the carer/support person here twice a week (I cant manage herfor 5 hrs at a time ,so hence she has to come twice per week) and my boyfriend here for 2 other days.. then those other days I need to rest to get over those being here so I dont have a free day in which I could deal with someone taking me out somewhere to meet new people or take me out to visit all the friends Ive lost contact with.

    If my POTS is treated more.. maybe that then will be an option but I wonder what that mental health org will say when they realise my issues are entirely being caused throu a physical illness. I cant see the mental health org being happy just to take me out so i can meet new people if im feeling well enough at the time. (I certainly arent needing training..and in as far as eduation goes, its them which needs educating on ME/CFS).

    Even if this org is willing to be able to drive me to friends houses and take me out to craft groups or something, it appalls me that due to having ME/CFS Im forced to go throu an org which is supposed to be just for those with mental illness.

    (surely there is an equivalent of this org for those who have physical disablity??? or are only mental health people who are having issues with getting to see others and make friends helped?) Is it just a case of no service there to help meet the social needs of those who have physical illness? If anyone knows of another org which should be being put onto with all this instead of mental health org.. please let me know. What do those who have MS do I wonder?

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